What is the maximum level limit for Zenless Zone Zero?

For the Proxies trying to speed their way to the top, knowing the maximum limit for Zenless Zone Zero is crucial. Not every player will work their way through Commissions in the game to get that extra EXP, but knowing what level you can reach helps you set a goal for yourself.

The maximum Inter-Node Level in Zenless Zone Zero

Your Inter-Knot Level is the level of your account. Your Proxy – whether you’ve chosen Beauty or Wise – doesn’t have its own leveling system because they don’t enter combat traditionally like the other Agents do. As such, you just have to worry about leveling up each of your Agents (the companions who hire Beauty and Smart for jobs, etc.), and leveling up your real account.

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Thanks to the Achievements Screen, we know that the maximum Inter-Node Level for Zenless Zone Zero players is Level 60.

There is a gold achievement for reaching that level, and players will receive Polychrome x60 for maxing out their account level. There are also achievements for Level 20 and Level 40.

What is the maximum level for Agents in Zenless Zone Zero?

The list of achievements to level your Agents in Zenless Zone Zero.
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Agents in Zenless Zone Zero can reach a maximum level of 60. There are more rewards for raising your Agents than raising your Inter-Knot Level, but you’ll be doing both at the same time anyway.

Remember to focus on building some good teams. There isn’t a ridiculous amount of Agents available right now, so you should be able to get that gold award for getting three Agents to Level 60 without as much trouble as other gacha games. The problem with leveling companions has always been the overuse of different materials, but Zenless Zone Zero is much more simplified because you don’t have to run around a giant map to get leveling materials.

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