Where to find Anais in The First Descendant (Map Location)

If you’re looking to collect more characters in the third-person heist shooter The First Descendant, then the game’s exploration mechanics are essential in this process. Finding Anais and other Magisters is the best way to start and this guide will show you where you can do that.

Anais Place in The First Descendant

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To find the Magister Anais in The First Descendant, you must first go to the west wing to the right of the main entrance of the Albion hub. If you prefer to fast travel within the Albion settlement, then there are two portals used for this purpose. On the map, one is located at the top of the hub itself and the other is located at the main Albion entrance, which you can find in the lower left corner of the in-game map.

You should travel to one of these fast travel points to then quickly reach the west wing in Albion, after which you can easily locate the Magistrates in a separate room. This room has open walls and is therefore difficult not to notice. (I wish I could say the same about the other rooms in this settlement, as well as the in-game currency, but alas.)

To further help you find the Magisters, their location will be marked in blue if you have any quests involving Anais. When you look at the Albion map in the game, you should pay attention to the molecule icon if you can’t find a Magister.

The location of the Battle Researcher on the in-game map of The First Descendant
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While Albion can be pretty hard to wrap your head around at first, it will all start to fall into place once you spend some time exploring the area. The good news is that the research vendor also sits in the same place as most of the game’s other craft vendors, in the center of Albion.

First Descendant’s research vendors explained

A combat researcher vendor in The First Descendant
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Once you locate and speak with Magisters Anais, you can continue taking advantage of the research mechanics in The First Descendant. In addition to giving you the ability to unlock more Descendants, the research vendor paves the way for adding more weapons to your arsenal – ones that are pretty hard to get your hands on otherwise. So be sure to take advantage of this in-game system and start tracking research projects as soon as possible.

But in true heist shooter fashion, you’ll still need to go out and collect materials to be able to get these weapon unlocks in the first place. However, once you have enough materials, the game allows you to craft any weapon you want, which is quite refreshing to hear. The world (in The First Descendant) is your oyster.

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