Where to Find Uranium on Planet Earth (& What It's Used For)

Uranium is an important and somewhat scarce resource in The Planet Crafter. In this guide I will show you where to find it and what to use it for.

How to find Uranium in The Planet Christ

Two significant uranium caves in The Planet Crafter are located at the coordinates 1784:24:1942 in the Region of Highlands and 584:35:-656 in a Door desert sinkhole. By deploying an Ore Extractor T2 or T3 at these locations, you will be able to mine uranium. However, due to the narrow nature of these caves, space for extractors is limited.

Using Meteor Showers to get uranium in The Planet Crafter

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A more efficient uranium supply method involves launch Asteroids Attraction Rockets from the Launch Platform, accessible at 345 KTi. These rockets not only accelerate heat generation but also trigger uranium meteor showers, depositing many uranium rocks. This method not only delivers a constant flow of uranium but also accelerates global terraforming.

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What is uranium used for in The Planet Crafter

Uranium in The Planet Crafter is crucial for crafting advanced items and powering powerful generators, making it one of the most valuable resources in the game. Although less often needed than iridium or superalloy, the importance of uranium is undeniable, especially for creation. Nuclear Generators and rockets, which are important for advancing in terraforming stages. At first, I found uranium in random chests and wrecks scattered across the map. There is also a possibility of finding uranium increasing after reaching the Blue Sky terraforming stage.

The primary use of uranium in The Planet Christ is to create Uranium Rods, which are essential for powering Nuclear Generators. These generators provide great power surpassing solar and wind energy. In addition, uranium is used in creating rocket engines and pulsar quartz, where each application contributes to the progress and base development of the player.

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