Where to get Dog Coins in Palworld

The Medal Merchant has great items you can buy from him, like Stat boosts and cosmetics. However, to get anything from him, you must first know where to get Dog Coins in Palworld.

How to find Dog Coins in Palworld

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You can find Dog Coins in two ways. First, you can find them in the drifting masses perforated across each island. These stacks usually drop two or three cool items, like Flamethrower Fuel, Legendary Spheres, etc. You will often get Dog Coins after looking for them and they are almost everywhere. Stop and look for the masses as you travel around.

  • Mimogo in the wild in Palworld

The second way to get Dog Coins is to locate mimogos. These are Neutral friends which look like breasts from far away Even up close, you won’t see their health bar until you attack them. Mimogos are extreme fast Comradesbooking it as soon as possible to get away from you.

Get rid of Mimogos as soon as possible to avoid having to chase them down. I prefer to kill them instead of capturing them because they are not really great in a team or on base. Basically, they’re just great friends for farm for materialsfor they fall:

  • Dog Coins
  • Gold Coins
  • Training Manual (XL)

Mimog’s habitat is throughout most of the islands (excluding the initial islands), so you can find it almost anywhere. I haven’t been able to find semi-permanent spawn for them, mimogos just seem to be. appear randomly. Just keep an eye on crates when you’re doing other tasks. I will usually find at least one Mimogo in the Sakurajima North Beach area at -521,243.

Where to find the Medal Merchant in Palworld

Instead of regular coins, you will use Dog Coins to buy items from the Medal Merchant. You can find him at the Marsh Island Church Ruins at 399, -274. Just teleport to the quick spot and enter the ruins to find him.

He sells a bunch of good items like the Mystery boxes (which increase your Accessory slots), fruits (that increases your Friend’s stats), and Elixirs (which increase your own stats). You can also get some great Pals inspired hats that I’m already saving up for.

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