Which descendant should you start with in The First Descendant and why

When you load The First Descendant for the first time, you will be able to choose from three Descendants to play the first mission. Whoever you choose at that moment will be the character you control in the game until you unlock your next Descendant. Wondering which Descendant you should start with in The First Descendant? Find out here!

Why you should choose Viessa as your first Descendant in The First Descendant

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Viessa is an ice-themed debuffer, with powers that allow her to freeze her enemies and shoot ice blasts at them from afar. She is best for players who enjoy a hit-and-run style of play, such as those who play rogues in other games.

She is a very fast character who can create her own ice roads just by running around with the ability active – this is the “Frost Road” ability. While Viessa is a decent character for damage, players who choose her will definitely need some backup for battlefield missions and big bosses.

This Descendant definitely takes the most time to figure out how to best use each of her abilities. But, once you’ve tested them out and figured out which guns work best for you in The First Descendant, you’ll really enjoy the playstyle that comes with running a Viessa. She’s kind of combative, even though she doesn’t have enough health to back it up.

Basically, choose Viessa if you prefer fast pace play, enjoy playing defensively and being a bit sneaky, and get some experience with rogue characters. I consider her the hardest of the three Descendants choices you get at the beginning of the game.

Why you should choose Lepic as your first Descendant in The First Descendant

Choosing Lepic as your Descendant in The First Descendant.
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Lepic is a DPS character, but maybe not a traditional one. He is a projectile user, and his DPS comes from the damage he can do when throwing his weapons, rather than him being a good marksman.

If you decide to go with Lepic, you’re probably someone who enjoys sniping in other games and has decent aim. If you don’t have much experience with projectiles or aiming in shooters, I wouldn’t recommend Lepic as your beginner Descendant.

His grenades deal Burst damage, which is fun because it deals more damage than you would get by firing one of the guns in The First Descendant. He also has a great Passive Ability that gives him a better chance at surviving damage that would otherwise kill him in combat.

So, if you are the risk-it-all kind of player, Lepic is perfect for you. Pick him if you’re not into shooters or great with guns, and if you have experience with DPS characters.

Why you should choose Ajax as your first Descendant in The First Descendant

Choosing Ajax as your Descendant in The First Descendant.
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Ajax is more of a tank-type character. He is very defensive, has high HP, and recovers his shields in a decent amount of time.

Choosing Ajax will allow you to create barriers during combat, which can be extremely useful if you’re someone who doesn’t usually play third-person shooters or wants to use a more defensive style of play.

When Ajax uses his Orbit Barrier ability, he can reflect the damage that enemies try to inflict back to his forces. This is a much more passive playstyle compared to being a DPS, but it’s incredibly useful for The First Descendant players who play with friends for the social aspect of gaming, or for those who simply enjoy playing shielded tanks that can. the opposition suffers its own ammunition hits.

Go for Ajax if you are a team player, and you play tanks or support characters in other games, but also like being able to damage yourself. He’s not a sit-there-and-defend-others character, so you can still have fun playing him.

Who is the best Descendant to start The First Descendant?

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Although I chose Viessa for my first playthrough, Ajax is actually the best choice for beginners. When he uses his Orbitbar, he gets a little bonus if you decide to start shooting from that position.

You are more likely to survive first contact with the enemy when you use Ajax’s abilities, and you can enjoy his built-in sand ability “Void Energy.” Void Energy is an ability that charges over time, and enhances Ajax’s other abilities once it runs out.

If you are playing alone, I would recommend trying to find missions with other players around and choosing the public play options for dungeon missions. For group play, you will really enjoy using Ajax and being a support tank for your team.

Which Descendant to unlock first in The First Descendant

Enzo's passive skill list in The First Descendant.
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No doubt, Enzo. Enzo is the Quartermaster of the Descendants, and his skills are definitely some of the best in the game. Of course, many players like Bunny and they will argue that she is the best/most fun to play, but Enzo is the only Descendant with the “Fire Supporter” Passive Ability.

Fire Supporter increases your ammo for the weapons you use and the weapons your Allies or Squad use. Running out of ammo in The First Descendant is a hot topic among gamersand it’s an incredibly frustrating part of the game.

With Enzo, you get the joy of increasing the amount of ammo you have for your weapons at least 10% He also has an Explosive Drone skill (the name is self-explanatory), and can summon a Supply Drone to any location for you and your allies to use when you’re low on ammo. What is not to love?

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