Wuthering Waves will succeed despite Genshin similarities, and it’s because of combat

There are quite a few similarities between Wuthering Waves and Genshin, from the art style to the UI design to the items, story and even terminology. However, WuWa manages to excel and shine in several areas, especially in combat.

The combat in this fun RPG isn’t all about hacking and slashing and hoping for the best (although I do sometimes play it that way when I’m in a hurry). There should be a strategy, first based on team composition and then on the capabilities of each individual schedule.

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Apart from that, you also have to think about special in-game mechanics like dodging and blocking, as well as counter-attacking. It’s great that the game rewards you for timing an enemy attack with the ability to hit back even harder. And not only with your weapon; you can also counter attack enemy special abilities with specific Echo abilities.

You also have the ability to immobilize the enemy by draining its Vibration Force. There’s a lot to think about when in combat, but once you’ve figured it out, it becomes very satisfying. Chaining attacks is also my favorite thing and a fun way to give your characters a damage boost.

One of the most unique aspects of combat that WuWa has added is shapeshifting. The ability to turn into Echo and do an attack with his power is exciting, and I love it. I’m also glad that Kuro Games mentioned that they will be adding more shapeshifting Echoes in the future.

While a lot of praise goes to combat and the various mechanics included in each battle, I also have to praise the number of different puzzles and challenges I encountered. I honestly didn’t expect so much variety from the game, yet I continue to be challenged again and again.

As we all progress through the game, it will become increasingly difficult to encounter and explore new mechanics. However, from what I’ve seen so far, I’m positively hopeful that we’ll get more interesting updates on the world and gameplay in future updates.

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