You will get more than hair from the Barber in Lethal Company version 55

The Tulip Snake wants to hug you with its wings, the Barber just wants to hug you with its scissors. The Barber is an interesting monster within the facility with a unique mechanic that can catch you off guard.

New update of Monster in Lethal Company v55

Zeekers, the developer of Lethal Company, has added version 55 to the beta branch that you can access via Steam. The update will probably go live in a few weeks, but until then you can enjoy some of the fun monsters in the game, like the Barber.

The Barber, or Clay Surgeon, is a new Lethal Company monster that came out with version 55. This isn’t your friendly neighborhood Barber though, unless you’re looking to get sliced ​​in half.

These monsters don’t appear much on the lower moons, so if you’re just starting to run, you can easily avoid them. However, the moons like Rend now get another dangerous Slayer. The longer you work for the company, the more dangerous each trip becomes.

The Clay Sugeon adds to the fear of exploring moons, especially since this monster is going to kill you. And I don’t like how they are mostly invisible. I’ve already been killed by visible monsters and traps, so running away from this monster is quite a challenge. The sound of its trumpet steps is quite hilarious though.

Besides this inner monster, there is also an outer monster that will cause you problems if you are not careful. If you hang around a moon for too long, the Kidnapped Fox will get the courage to attack you with its tongue, trying to eat your head.

And the Fox will appear on both lower and higher level moons, so you can’t avoid them. If you see a Vain Shroud anywhere, beware. Just remember to look around you both inside and out in Lethal Company.

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