AFK Journey Temesia Guide – Best Heroes and Formations

You get plenty of heroes to choose from for your party in the idle gacha RPG, AFK Journey. If you've landed Temesia, she can be a tough hero to categorize, so read on for everything you need to know about her best teammates and formations.

Temesia Guide – Best Heroes and Formations

Temesia is one of the more interesting heroes in AFK Journey. At first glance she looks like a norm epic rarity Tank character of the Light Bearer faction, dealing physical damage at Range 1. But when you take a closer look at her ability, especially her Ultimate, Knight's Heart, something much more interesting emerges.

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Temesian skills – AFK Journey

skill to cool down Range Initial Energy Details
Heart of a Knight (Ultimate) 0 1 0 Passive: Charges across the battlefield, damaging all enemies in her path. The active action is to summon her mount and then deal damage to nearby enemies, interrupting them and increasing her charge speed.
Iron Heel 0 2 Deals damage to an enemy and reduces their damage output when charging back through them.
Courageous Sword 15s 3 AOE attack doing standard damage.
Hero Focus 1 Get an extra attack after the first Knight's Heart Attack. ATK increases during battle.
Unconquerable Rage 3 Gain complete Control Immunity. After Knight's Heart has been cast twice, charge damage becomes True Damage
Improve Focus 0 Reduce Phys DEF of targets hit by Knight's Heart

Temesia guide – AFK Travel

Temesia does not make normal attacks. Instead what she does is target the enemy furthest away and attack directly at them, damaging all enemies along the way. She then recharges her energy, spins around, and does the same thing again. If she is outnumbered with Haste or ATK Speed, the attack animation will not speed up but her damage will increase.

The biggest takeaway from this is that, in the traditional sense, Temesia is not a tank. Temesia is an excellent damager who is hard to kill and can also disrupt both the enemy front and rear lines with her interrupts from Iron Heel. She is a disruptive and anarchic force on the battlefield. However, her accusations mean she will not hold the attention of enemy attackersperhaps leaving other heroes revealed.

Another advantage of Temesia is that she ignores walls while still acting as a well-armored melee. This means she has too level of Rogue skills, striking all over the field. Especially in PVP, this uniqueness can work to your advantage, as opponents are unlikely to set up to deal with her. she is too unique to plan!

Once Temesia has Unconquerable Rage (at Mythic+ level) she becomes even more fearsome. She cannot be controlled, gains True Damage instead of Charge Damage, and heals herself slightly. Strengthen strength is also a solid passive, reducing the Phys Dev of any enemy she hits by 1 percent (which can stack 6 times).

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Temesia best hero formations – AFK Journey

You should think of Temesia as Warrior-Kyle, not a Tank, and it wouldn't surprise me if she gets reclassified in a later update to avoid confusion. However, while she won't be the damage sponge that a tank should be, she gets enough attention from attackers to make your tank a bit of an advantage, meaning they won't take all the heat. These are the heroes that make the best AFK Journey team for Temesia.

  • Silvina (rogue): While Silvina is a Graveborn hero, pairing her with Temesia can easily be worth the loss of faction bonus. Silvina is a Rogue who flashes across the battlefield rather than charging where she can decrease your opponent's back line. Her problem is that she is a bit squishy. But if you also have Temesia there, drawing fire, their rear can disappear in a matter of seconds.
  • Thoran (tank): If you decide to go with Silvina for that rear massacre, look no further than Thoran for a tank to add to your formation. Thoran is another Graveborn hero and is considered by many as the best Tank in the game, if not the best hero point He's a jack-of-all-trades, being able to soak up damage but also deal it at DPS levels. Even if they kill him, he revives once by fighting…
  • Lucius (Tank): Like the other one Lightbearer tank, Lucius is a solid choice for your formation if you want the faction bonus. He is a very traditional paladin-style tank, relying on shields and damage reduction to keep himself and his allies upright. However, Lucius is not too highly regarded, probably because he is not explosive, but he is a good hero in the early game and is never the worst option.
  • Rowan (Support): Rowan is easily the number one Lightbearer healer and, as with Thoran above, is generally considered one of the best heroes in the game. In the early game, you can trust him bring your party to life while also giving out nice bits of Energy to his allies. You may want to pair him with a more dedicated healer in more postgame content or switch him out completely (depending on Energy needs).
  • Cecia (shooters): Currently Cecia is one of the great early game DPS heroes in AFK Travel. She summons an ally and also deals a lot of damage, which can help keep the enemy away from her face.
  • Korin (warrior): Korin is a solid brawler pick early in the game, dealing heavy damage while also shielding weak allies in tank-like fashion. Not flashy or fast operating, but solid and reliable that works well with loose cannon like Temesia.

So to clarify, the best overall Temesian formation for me is a 3-2 team consisting of Thoran (Graveborn Tank), Temesia (Lightbearer Tank), Silvina (Graveborn Rogue), Cecia (Graveborn Marksman) and Rowan (Lightbearer Support).

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