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One of the most common goals in most BitLife challenges is to create a character from certain states in the United States. Although these goals are easy for players from the United States, other global players may not possess the geographic knowledge of the states necessary to complete this task. So, if you are struggling to finish this goal, here is a list of all BitLife USA states and their cities.

What are the states and cities in BitLife USA?

Below, I have mentioned all the US states and their available cities in BitLife.

  • Alaska – Anchoring
  • Arkansas – Little Rock
  • Arizona – Tucson, Phoenix
  • California – San Jose, San Francisco, San Diego, Sacramento, Orlando, Compton
  • Colorado – Denver
  • Connecticut – Hartford
  • Florida – Tampa, Jacksonville, Oakland, Miami
  • Georgia – Atlanta
  • Hawaii – Honolulu
  • Illinois – Chicago
  • Indiana – Indianapolis
  • Kansas – Wiched
  • Louisiana – New Orleans
  • Maryland – Baltimore
  • Massachusetts – Boston
  • Michigan – Detroit
  • Minnesota – Minneapolis
  • Missouri – St.Louis, Kansas City
  • mississippi – Biloxi
  • New Jersey – Oakland
  • New York State – Brooklyn, Buffalo, New York
  • Nevada – Las Vegas
  • North Carolina – Charlotte, Raleigh
  • North Dakota – Fargo,
  • Ohio – Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus
  • Oklahoma – Oklahoma City
  • Oregon – Portland
  • Pennsylvania – Scranton, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia
  • South Carolina – Charleston, Los Angeles
  • Tennessee – Chattanooga Nashville, Memphis
  • Texas – Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Houston
  • Utah – Salt Lake City
  • washington – Washington, Seattle
  • Wisconsin – Milwaukee

So, whenever you come across an objective related to creating a character from the United States, use the list above and solve that objective quickly. For example, if you’re trying to complete challenges like Nine to Five, you need to create a character from California. During the customization menu, select the United States as your country of birth and select any cities from California, such as San Jose, Orlando and more, for your birthplace. Since these cities fall within the state, you will indirectly complete the objective.

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