All Blessings in Anime Impact – Features Guide

Even the strongest characters in Anime Impact can improve. All you have to do is bless them with additional bonuses. But which of these features is the best to choose? We have created a list of all the blessings in Anime Impact.

Anime Impact Blessings List – All Features Guide

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Blessings in Anime Impact are bonuses awarded to units that work almost the same as traits in Anime Defenders. As soon as you get a unit you like via summon, you must assign a blessing to them. You will do this by visiting a Blessings NPC person. To find him, click on a Teleport button and choose the place of Blessings. Below is a list of all the blessings in Anime Impact.

Blessing/Feature Description Drop Rate %
strength Increases unit damage:
Strength I: Attack +5%.
Strength II: Attack +10%, Magic +10%,
Strength III: Attack +15%, Magic +15%.
Accuracy Increases unit accuracy:
Accuracy I: Accuracy +1%
Accuracy II: Accuracy +2%
Accuracy III: Accuracy +3%
Quickly Increases a unit’s dodge and turn speed:
Quick I: Evasion +1%, Speed ​​+1
Swift II: Evasion +2%, Speed ​​+3
Quick III: Evasion +3%, Speed ​​+5
child prodigy The unit gains 35% more experience. 9.99%
Unity The unit gets a 2.5% bonus to all stats when fighting alongside a character from the same anime. 5%
Sniper The unit gets a +7% Accuracy bonus. 2.5%
Pierce The unit gets 20% increased critical hit. 1%
Ghost The unit gets +6% Evasion, +5% Evasion Limit, and +8 Speed ​​stat bonuses. 0.8%
Titan The unit gets +40% Max HP and +20% Defense and Magic Defense. 0.36%
Dragon The unit gets +20% Max HP and +40% Attack and Magic. 0.2%
Immortal The unit gets +15% Max HP, +30% Attack and Magic, and 5% healing per turn. 0.15%
Emperor The unit gets +55% Max HP, +65% Attack and Magic, and gives 10% buffs to a teammate. 0.1%

Anime Impact Blessings Reroll Guide

Blessings Rerun menu in Anime Impact
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Blessings are very useful, but some are very difficult to obtain, as you can see in the table above. To complicate matters, you need Miracle Tokens and they don’t grow on trees. And while you’d like to have the best traits possible, that’s highly unlikely (the chance of getting the Emperor’s blessing is 0.1%). I strongly suggest not rerolling more than a few times per unit. So when is it time to call it quits and be content with what you have?

Which Blessings to keep in Anime Impact?

I was quite lucky get Unity and Prodigy blessings, but good results also include Strength III, Fast III and Precision III. All the other Anime Impact features are much harder to get, so don’t bother rerolling unless you have a lot of Miracle Tokens. Save Miracle Tokens for Legendary and Mythic units, and even then, don’t spend too much.

How to get Miracle Tokens for Blessing Rerolls in Anime Impact

List of quest missions from Anime Impact Daily
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There are several ways you can get Miracle Tokens in Anime Impact. You’ll need them a lot if you want to roll for the best blessings in the game. If you play the game regularly, you will always have some of these tokens.

  • Redeem Anime Impact codes
  • Complete daily quests
  • Complete story missions
  • Complete challenges
  • Purchase for Robux

Now that you know all about blessings in Anime Impact, check out Anime Impact Tier List – All Units Ranked on Pro Game Guides.

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