All Roblox The Classic Event Games List (2024)

Roblox events are always fun, especially because they allow you to win valuable rewards. After the massive success of the Egg Hunt, we can’t wait for the new one. According to leaked information, the Roblox: The Classic event is near, and we already have a list of participating games.

All Roblox The Classic Games List – Roblox OG Event 2024

It’s still too early to release a definitive list of all the confirmed games participating in the Roblox: The Classic event, but a few titles have emerged. Below is a list of all the games that are supposed to participate in the event. We’ll update the list as soon as we find out more.

How to participate in Roblox The Classic event

To participate in the Roblox: The Classic event, you must play games that are part of the Roblox OG event. Like the Egg Hunt event, each game will have unique content offering special rewards only available during the event.

When will the Roblox The Classic event start?

It is not yet known when exactly the Roblox The Classic event will begin. But if Roblox leaks are any indication, the OG event may be live in late May or early June.

What is the Roblox The Classic event?

According to leaks, The Classic is a Roblox event focused on original game content. Not much is known about the event apart from the official Roblox X account @Roblox, saying that soon you won’t have to choose between old and new Roblox. We can speculate that experiences participating in this event will add original content, so players can experience vanilla versions with an additional caveat about earning rewards (cosmetics and in-game money). Who knows, you might even have a chance to win free Robux!

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