All Tix locations in Roblox The Classic games

Embark on an exciting quest to redeem all the exclusive rewards in the Roblox Classic Event. Your mission: collect the unique Tix, a valuable currency spread across all participating Experiences. Here is a list of all the Tix locations in the game, ready for you to explore and collect these precious items.

All Tix Locations in Roblox The Classic

Below, I’ve listed all the Tix locations in every participating game in The Classic Event.

All Tix Locations in Dust Trip

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  • Location of Tix 1 – You can find the first Tix on the table at your starting house.
Dust Journey near the blue wind and on the ground
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  • Tix Location 2 & 3 — The next Tix is ​​at the 2000 meter mark. Here, you will discover killbots, shoot each of them, and enter the building on the right side, where you will find the second Tix on the top floor near the blue-colored window. Also, the third is next to the red-tinted glass behind the bridge.
Tix lying on the ground near the bridge in A Dusty Trip
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  • Tix Location 4 & 5 —The next two Tix are at the 5000 meter mark. Here, you will find two wooden bridges. The fourth is near the end of the first bridge, while the fifth is at the beginning of the second bridge, directly before the ramp.
Tix behind a wooden barrel in A Dusty Trip
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  • Tix location 6 — The sixth Tix is ​​at the 6000 meter mark. You find the Tix behind the wooden barrel on the upper deck. Use the Wooden Staircase near the basement to reach the upper deck.
Two Tix in the Haunted Mansion in A Dusty Trip
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  • Tix Location 7 & 8 -The next two are at 8,000 meters. The seventh one is behind the mansion near the ledge, and the eighth one is inside the mansion’s master bedroom on the second floor.
Final two Tix on the ground in A Dusty Trip
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  • Tix Location 9 & 10 – At 10,000 meters, you will find a boss, and after defeating him, go to the ground floor of the building, where you will find the ninth Tix in the ally. After you collect it, go to the basement of the building to get the 10th Tix.

All Tix Locations in Blade Ball

In Blade Ball, the Tix are available to collect within all Classic Maps in the game. Once in the game, vote for classic maps and jump on one. Here, you will find the Tix randomly in the open arena. It’s easy to spot one because it’s an open space. Play all Classic Maps individually to get all Tix Blade Ball offers. If you need to learn the Classic Maps in Blade Ball, study the list below.

  • Arena
  • Desert
  • Ruined City
  • Enchanted Desert
  • Herbal Classic
  • sky
  • Height Battle
  • ocean
  • Olympus
  • Quarry
  • Ring of Fire
  • Underworld
  • Lunar Map
  • Enchanted Forest
  • Crossroads
  • Jungle
  • Time Square

All Tix Locations in Gunfight Arena

Like Blade Ball, The Tix can be collected within the Gunfight Arena Classic Map. So, enter the Classic Map and look for the Tix in these places.

  • On the roofs of the houses
  • Near the entrance of the Cave
  • Inside the Second floor of the buildings
  • Behind Trees

Play the map three times to collect all Ten Tix in the game.

All Tix Locations Toilet Tower Defense

Using the following list, you can find all 10 Tix Locations in the lobby of Toilet Tower Defense.

  • Under the Headboard
  • In front of the Post Office
  • In front of the Toilet Lab
  • In front of the stairs to the Toilet Fort
  • Below is the Toilet Fort Leaderboard
  • Before the Time Machine
  • On a rock near the Time Machine
  • On top of a building in Palm Paradise
  • Near a lamppost near the summoning area
  • Under the Rocket, the center of the park.

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