Anime Defenders Features Tier List

To stand a chance against the hordes of enemies, you must utilize your units. Having the best units in Anime Defenders is a great start, but you need more. You need to give them traits that enhance their abilities. This list of Anime Defenders features will help you make the right choice.

All Features in Anime Defenders, Ranked – AD Tier List

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Traits are one of the best ways to boost the characteristics of your units, so prepare lots of Reroll Trait Crystals. While gaining traits is random, you still have to decide whether to reroll. But what traits are good enough to avoid losing them on a reroll? The list of top rated Anime Defenders features below will help you make the best decision.

Tier feature
S Almighty, Precision, Requiem, Sonic
A Critical, Midas Touch
B Brawler, Bullseye, Prodigy, Speed
C Hunter

Best Features in Anime Defenders

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Not all features in Anime Defenders are worth keeping. While any trait is better than none, you’ll want to reroll if you end up with a lower level. Reroll Trait Crystals are not easy to get, so focus on rerolling for legendary and mythic units. Don’t spend precious resources on rare units; roll once and claim your winnings. As for legendary and mythic characters, every trait below A level should be rerolled.

S Tier

Almighty 1 (0.1%)

Almighty is the Holy Grail of features in Anime Defenders, and there’s not much to say about the ultimate bonuses you’ll get. If you ever get this, give us a call to celebrate your incredible good fortune!

  • +280% Damage
  • -15% Cooldown,
  • +10% Range
  • +1 Placement cap

Accuracy 1 (0.8%)

Accuracy is a lethal trait that gives you critical hits for every third hit your unit makes. That’s a huge amount of bonus damage, so having an Accuracy trait is a real treat.

  • +30% Critical chance
  • +30% Critical damage

Requiem 1 (0.2%)

This feature is a true Requiem for dreamy gameplay with bonuses to all ranks in Anime Defenders. It’s three traits merged into one, but with a caveat that you only have a 0.2% chance of getting the Requiem trait.

  • +20% Damage
  • -10% Reduced cooldown time
  • +20% Range


Critical 3 (6%)

  • Increases critical chance by 30% (Critical 3)

Midas Touch 1 (1.5%)

  • Increases farm unit earned money by 15%

B Tier

Bullseye 1 (2.5%)

Fighter 3 (7.8%)

Prodigy 1 (10%)

  • Increases experience gained by 50%

C Level

Hunter 3

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