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In a game like Bee Swarm Simulator, the best way to get valuable items like skins or stickers is through trading. While trading is a simple matter, players, especially newbies, often struggle to find the right market value for their items. So, if you need clarification on setting the exact value for your product or want to buy some items in the right place, here is a trade value list for your reference.

All Item values ​​in Beeswarm Simulator Trade Value List

Below, you can find the list of all items and their values ​​out of 5 in the game. So, if a particular item has a value of four, it means that it is highly sought after, while an item with a value of one has very low interest in the market. Use this as a central criterion and make your trades.

For example, if a sticker has a value of threeyou can exchange it for three items having an individual value of one or for two items where one has a value of two and the other has a value of one.

All Hive Stickers Value List

name Demand Value
Dapper From Above Tall 4
Round Base Bee medium 3
Robot head average 2
AFK average 2
Auryn average 2
Tabby From Behind average 2
Bomber Bee Bear average 2
Sitting Mother Bear average 2
On the side Spirit Bear average 2
4-Pronged Vector Bee Low 1
Alert Icon Low 1
Atom Symbol Low 1
Baseball Swing Low 1
barcode Low 1
Bear Bee Offer Low 1
Black Diamond Low 1
Black star Low 1
Blob Bumblebee Low 1
Blue Square Low 1
Blue Triangle Critter Low 1
Built Ship Low 1
Chef Hat Polar Bear Low 1
Coiled Serpent Low 1
Colored Buttons Low 1
Fellow Bad Pig Low 1
Cool Backpack Low 1
Cop And Robber Low 1
Cyan Hilted Sword Low 1
Cyan Star Low 1
Dark Flame Low 1
Diamond Diamond Bee Low 1
Doodle S Low 1
Falling Stubborn Bee Low 1
Eighth Note Low 1
Eviction Low 1
Flying Brave Bee Low 1
Flying Magenta Brute Low 1
Flying Ninja Bee Low 1
Flying Photon Bee Low 1
Flying Rad Bee Low 1
Fork And Knife Low 1
Forward Facing Aphid Low 1
Forward Facing Spider Low 1
Fuzz Bomb Low 1
Giraffe Low 1
Bright Smile Low 1
Green Circle Low 1
Green Plus Sign Low 1
Green SALE Low 1
Gray Diamond Low 1
Gray Rain Cloud Low 1
Gray Rain Cloud Low 1
Gray Form Low 1
Happy Fish Low 1
Honey Bee Bear Low 1
hourglass Low 1
Interrobang Block Low 1
Jack-0-Lantern Low 1
Launch Rocket Low 1
Left Facing Ant Low 1
Lightning Low 1
Little Scorpion Low 1
logo Low 1
Menacing Cloak Low 1
Orange Leg Brute Low 1
Orphan Dog Low 1
Pale Heart Low 1
palm tree Low 1
Panicked Science Bear Low 1
Peace Sign Hand Low 1
Pink Chair Low 1
Pink Cupcake Low 1
Accurate Eye Low 1
Pizza Delivery Man Low 1
Purple Top Brute Low 1
Pyramid Low 1
Red Palm Hand Low 1
Red Cry Low 1
Red X Low 1
Right Front Stump Snail Low 1
Round Green Brute Low 1
Round Rogue Bee Low 1
Rubber Duck Low 1
Saturn Low 1
Bright Halo Low 1
Shining Star Low 1
Shocked Hive Slot Low 1
Shy Brown Bear Low 1
Silly Tongue Low 1
Simple Cloud Low 1
Simple Mountain Low 1
A simple skyscraper Low 1
Simple Sun Low 1
Sitting Green Shirt Bear Low 1
Little Blue chick Low 1
Small Shield Low 1
Flathead Bear Low 1
Standing Bean Bug Low 1
Standing Beekeeper Low 1
Standing Caterpillar Low 1
Tight Headed Bear Low 1
Tabby Scratch Low 1
tadpole Low 1
Theatrical Intruder Low 1
Thumbs Up Hands Low 1
Little House Low 1
TNT Low 1
Tornado Low 1
Traffic light Low 1
Triple Exclamation Low 1
Walking stick Nymph Low 1
Wall Crack Low 1
Growing Moon Low 1
Waving Urban Low 1
White Flag Low 1
a window Low 1
Wobbly Bee Low 1
Wishbone Low 1
Yellow Coffee Cup Low 1
Yellow Hello Low 1
Yellow Left Arrow Low 1
Yellow Right Arrow Low 1
Yellow Sticky Hand Low 1
Yellow Umbrella Low 1
Yellow Walking Wiggly Person Low 1

All Valley List of Cub Buddies Skins

name Demand Value
Brown Cub Skin Very high 5
Noob Cub Skin Tall 5
Bee skin Tall 5
Snowman’s skin Tall 5
Robo Cub skin Tall 4
Stick Cub Skin Tall 4
Ginger Chick Skin Tall 4
Star Cub Skin medium 3
Peppermint Robo Cub Skin medium 3

All Hive Skins Value List

name Demand Value
Basic Pink Hive Skin medium 3
Basic Green Hive Skin medium 3
Basic White Beehive Skin medium 3
Basic Black Hive Skin Low 3
Basic Red Hive Skin Low 1
Basic Blue Hive Skin Low 1

How to trade in Beeswarm Simulator

To trade in Beeswarm Simulator, you must meet two criteria.

  • The Trading Window in Bee Swarm Simulator

Both requirements will be automatically unlocked if you play the game for two or three days. Once both are available, click the send a business request button on the top left side of the screen to send a trade invitation to the player you want to trade with. Tell them to accept the invitation to open the trade window where you can trade items with each other.

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