Best Cero route in Type Soul

Type Soul is a Roblox ARPG inspired by the classic manga series To whiten. If you've decided to join the Arrancar race, you'll soon be wondering what the best Type Soul Cero lane is, so read below for the top pick.

Roblox Type Soul – What is the best Cero path?

When you start in Type Soul you will be one of three races. Becoming an Arrancar gives you a unique ability called Cero, which is a laser attack with multiple paths you can choose from. Once you have some experience, you can choose one according to your play style. But what's the best Cero road if you're just looking to take the most powerful option?

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Of the five options available, I like to take the Way of Cero Cornea. As the name suggests, this cero will shoot out of your eyes, and is perfect for players who want to keep their enemies at bay. It creates a green area on the ground and attacks all enemies in the area. This AOE attack knocks enemies back, giving you time to refocus. It is also effective at short and close range, making it flexible.

If you choose the Cero Cornea route, you'll want to invest skill points in Kendo and Hakuda to increase its damage output, as well as speed to allow it to charge faster. If you don't like the sound of Cero Cornea, Three Cero is another solid option that also does AOE damage but with greater range in a tighter line of attack.

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