Best Destiny 2 YouTubers to follow

Top 6 Best Destiny 2 Youtubers to follow

You have to do your best to experience Destiny 2 to the fullest, or you can turn to YouTube videos and watch professionals show off their skills. Here you can find everything from exotic weapon analysis to the latest updates. But which channels to watch? Here are the best Destiny 2 YouTubers to follow.

Destiny 2 YouTubers bring unique insight into different aspects of the game, allowing you to learn how to solve even the most difficult missions. Whether you’re looking to improve your gameplay, understand the lore, or stay up to date with the latest news, these channels will help you enjoy Destiny 2 to the fullest.


Screenshot via Aztecross YouTube

Aztecross focuses on PvP and PvE Destiny 2 action, but you can also find many weapon loadout analysis videos. He’s great at exotic weapon reviews and upgrade overviews that will help you make an easier choice when you’re not sure what the best loadout is for you.


Destiny 2 Hunter class player using exotic revolver
Screenshot via Datta YouTube

Datto has earned the status of one of the best Destiny 2 YouTubers for his detailed guides and analysis of Exotic weapons. His channel covers everything from attack strategies to loadout optimizations, making it a great stop no matter if you’re a new or veteran player.


A player speedrunning a Whisper mission in Destiny 2
Screenshot via Ehroar YouTube

Ehroar has insightful videos, especially on weapon rolls. I found his speedrun videos the most interesting, because it’s always interesting to see how pros quickly solve difficult parts of the game. If you’re looking for deep PvE content, Ehroar’s YouTube is a great place to visit.


Blinking Through the Zero Hour Exotic Mission in Destiny 2
Screenshot via Esoterickk YouTube

Sometimes you just want to relax and enjoy the gameplay of Destiny 2 without comments. Esoterickk is a YouTuber who prides himself on making solo guides without unnecessary comments. If you prefer visual guides without distractions so you can focus on PvE action, look no further than Esoterickk’s YouTube channel.


Destiny 2 player fighting enemies from Destiny 2 Final Shape expansion
Image via My name is Byf YouTube

Destiny 2 isn’t all about shooting and looting. If you’re interested in the story behind all the fuss, check out MyNameIsByf’s YouTube channel. His videos are especially interesting for new players, as there is a lot to catch up on previous expansions and seasons. Even if you are a veteran, you will appreciate detailed folk explanations and theories that will make your gameplay more exciting.


Silver Rank Strongest Warrior in Destiny 2
Screenshot via CammyCakes Gaming YouTube

If you’re looking for unorthodox PvP builds and quirky stories, CammyCakes is a great channel to visit. It’s very interesting how he deals with subjects, because he always tries to do something unexpected. For example, he has an interesting video about completing Destiny 2 without buying the game.

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