Best oil farm in Palworld (Map)

To make some of the best armor in the game (Light Plasteel armor), you will first need to farm a lot of Crude Oil. Here is our best Crude Oil farm map in Palworld, based on your needs and the amount of sources present.

Where to farm Crude Oil in Palworld

There are many Oil resources on the Palworld islands, but there are only a few places that I would suggest setting up as your Crude Oil farm. If you want to know where to go, keep reading.

Location of Mount Obsidian Oil Farm Location

Image by Pro Game Guides

On Mount Obsidian, you will usually only find one Petrosource in an area. I prefer to set up a farm where there is more, but if you want more ore farming, specifically for Coal (which is a very important material), then you can install in the following two places.

Sakurajima Oil Farm Location

Oil farm locations on the Sakurajima map in Palworld
Image by Pro Game Guides

Sakurajima is the perfect place for oil cultivation because you will usually get two oil wells in a single area that can be covered by a base. That means you can have two Crude Oil Extractors going at the same time on one basis. Here are the best places for a farm on Sakurajima:

  • -583, 246
  • -550, 192
  • -510, 174

How to farm Crude Oil in Palworld

To farm Crude Oil in Palworld, you must build a Crude Oil Extractor first. However, remember that this tool can only be used inside the base. That means you will have to build a base wherever you decide to farm Crude Oil.

As you can see above, I set up my Crude Oil farm on Sakurajima -510, 174 near the Mushroom Wetlands. I prefer this place because it has two Oil springs, but it also has an adorable mushroom background (it doesn’t have to be just work, it can be aesthetic too).

Put down the Palbox lay the groundwork. Now, craft a chest where you can bring any of the necessary materials from your other base. You will definitely struggle with the weight, so either use the A grappling gun or simply To be reborn and then spawn in the crude oil base (the number of times I died just because I didn’t want to move slowly is pretty high).

Once you have all the materials transferred to your new base, you can start building. Make sure to have Friends in your base who have Handiwork lvl.3 to help you build items faster. Also, don’t forget to think about yours The comfort of comrades. Build them beds, a food box and a hot spring to relax.

Item Name Creation of Ingredients
Crude Oil Extractor Pale Metal Ingot x 250
Circuit Board x 50
Large Power Generator Pale Metal Ingot x 200
Electric Organ x 200
Electric Pylon ingot x 100
Electric Organ x 30
Circuit Board x20

The Large Power Generator is necessary because the smaller ones will not even be able to charge more than three or four percent before being drained again. The Electric Pylon accelerates the rate at which the electricity is generated, making it easier for the Extractor to continue.

The only friend who has Generating Electricity level 4 there’s an Orserk you can find at Wildlife Sanctuary #3 (I say find loosely because I visited the island about 50 times before it finally spawned). It’s good to have several of them if you can because they are the best.

Another way to get Orserk is through breeding. You can get this friend by breeding Relaxaurus and Grizzbolt. If you don’t have any of these, you can also use Helzephyr Lux. You can find these Buddies flying on the northern beaches of Sakurajima at -521,343. They also continue to generate electricity during the night, which is perfect when Orserk is sleeping.

To use all of the Crude Oil you have in the store, check out How to craft Plasteel in Palworld at Pro Game Guides.

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