Best Sigewinne build in Genshin Impact

From giant medical pills to heart-shaped syringes and swelling bubbles, Sigewinne is one of Genshin Impact’s most beautiful Hydro units. The five-star Hydro bow user is expected to be released in Version 4.7, and here’s everything you can prepare in advance to build her.

Keep in mind that the information below is based on leaks and may not represent Sigewinne’s best build once she is released in Version 4.7. We will update this guide once Sigewinne is officially released.

Best weapons for Sigewinne in Genshin Impact

Given the lack of bow-wielding, HP-scaling healers in Genshin Impact, Sigewinne’s signature weapon is her best in-slot choice by a large margin because it was tailored for her exact kit. If you choose to use a different bow, you will have to choose between a DMG or support option.

  • Shedding Heartstrings (best five-star, signature weapon) – This is Sigewinne’s signature weapon, which offers a massive maximum HP boost whenever she gains “Blessings.” These can easily be obtained by using her Elemental Ability, increasing her Bond of Life value, and performing healing. With three Blessing stacks, she also gains a boost to her Elemental Burst CRIT Rate, which is where most of her DPS capacity comes from.
  • Favonius Warbow (best four-star) – This four-star option is a versatile choice that works for both a DMG-focused or a support-focused build, as it offers an Energy Recharge substatic and a passive bonus dependent on landing CRIT hits.

Alternative Weapons:

Best Artifacts and substats for Sigewinne in Genshin Impact

According to leaks, Sigewinne is a two-way unit similar to Sangonomiya Kokomi, so she can both heal and deal damage. While you may be able to do a niche DPS build at higher Constellations, remember that Sigewinne won’t be able to, I recommend sticking to a support build that maximizes her healing and low damage output in a quick exchange rotation.

  • Ocean-Hued Shell (best for a support build) – This Artifact set offers a Healing Boon and summons a bubble that gets stronger with accumulated healing, then some damage after bursting. It’s a great way to increase Sigewinne’s Heal while also giving her a DPS boost.
    • This Artifact set can be obtained from the Sleepy Court Domain in Inazuma.
  • Emblem of Severed Fate (best for a DPS build; high Constellation recommended) – Offers an Energy Recharge bonus and boosts Sigewinne’s Elemental Burst DMG, which is where most of her DPS output will come from.
    • This Artifact set can be obtained from the Momiji-Dyed Court Domain in Inazuma.
  • Two piece combos – These two-piece combos are options if you want to customize Sigewinne’s build.
    • Ocean-Hue Shell (+15% Healing Bonus)
    • Song of Days Past (+15% Healing Bonus)
    • Virgo Girlfriend (+15% Healing Bonus)
    • Tenacity of the Millennium (+20% HP)
    • Emblem of Severed Fate (+20% Energy Recharge)
    • Heart of the Deep (+15% Hydro DMG Bonus)
    • Nymph’s Dream (+15% Hydro DMG Bonus)

Sigewinne’s best artifact substats

  • Sands: HP
  • Cup: HP (support) or Hydro DMG Bonus (DPS)
  • Circle: Healing Bonus (support) or CRIT (DPS)
  • Substatics: HP, Energy Recharge, some CRIT if needed for DPS build

Genshin Impact Sigewinne Talent upgrade priority

Sigewinne’s gear is still changing frequently in the beta, so there is currently no certainty as to her Talent upgrade priority. But with the current leaks, she would benefit from the following order, depending on how you choose to build her.

Support construction

  1. Elemental Ability: Rebound Hydrotherapy
  2. Elemental Blast: Super Saturated Injection
  3. Normal Attack: Targeted Treatment

DPS construction

  1. Elemental Blast: Super Saturated Injection
  2. Normal Attack: Targeted Treatment
  3. Elemental Ability: Rebound Hydrotherapy

Most of Sigewinne’s support features are locked to her Elemental Ability, so it’s the top priority if you’re building her as a healer. In contrast, her DPS abilities are locked to her Elemental Burst, so you’d want to prioritize it if you choose to build her as a damage dealer.

Best team for Sigewinne in Genshin Impact

As someone who provides team-wide healing, Sigewinne can be inserted into almost any team that needs help surviving tough fights. Here are some team template ideas you can use:

  • General healer – Since Sigewinne offers team-wide and consistent healing, she can be inserted into any team that needs more survivability. She is especially good when paired with Furina (to offset her HP-draining Elemental Ability) or Clorinde (to heal her Link of Life).
  • Bloom team – Sigewinne + Dendro applicator (Nahida, Yaoyao) + Dendro + Hydro (assign DPS and sub-DPS between the last two slots Dendro and Hydro)
  • Taser team – Sigewinne + Anemo Swirl support (Kazuha, Sucrose) + Electric + Hydro (allocate DPS and sub-DPS between the last two slots Electric and Hydro)
  • Triple Hydra – Sigewinne + Hydro DPS + Hydro sub-DPS + Anemo Swirl support (Kazuha, Sucrose)

For more on Sigewinne, check out our Genshin Impact Sigewinne Farming Guide – All Talent and Ascension materials here on Pro Game Guides.

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