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PvP battles are the bread and butter of Roblox Type Soul, but they can be challenging to win if you don't have the best combination of skills and items. This might leave you wondering what the best Soul Reaper build is in Type Soul.

Soul Reaper Building Guide in Type Soul

For a strong Soul Reaper build, you need to decide between Shikai and Bankai, choose the best weapon, and choose the essence. Maxing out your character is the best way to become a danger to all opponents, but it can take too much time and resources. Therefore, my goal was create the ultimate Soul Reaper build from more readily available resources. While there are many combinations, I've found this particular build works great for me:

a weapon Katana (Ideally Dagger or Longsword)
shape Shikai (Zangetsu)
essence speed

Best Weapon for Soul Reaper Build in Soul Type

It's a no-brainer to use Dagger or Longsword as they are the best Soul Reaper weapons in Type Soul. However, since they are so hard to come by, you should focus on getting Katana. It has great damage and range and is easy to use, especially when combined with the Shikai and Essence.

Best Shikai for Soul Reaper Build in Type Soul

Between Shikai and Bankai, I chose Shikai because I prefer its abilities in combination with Katana. While Blood, Theater and Flower are excellent Shikai choices in Type Soul, I took Zangetsu. Its block breaking attacks are perfect when combined with my fast katana. I was able to defeat most opponents, even though many of them were stronger (in theory). My favorite Zangetsu ability is Mushinas it deals windy attacks that knock back opponents.

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Best Essence for Soul Reaper Build in Soul Type

Image by Pro Game Guides via Tana YouTube

Essence is very useful in Type Soul but is very hard to obtain, so being picky is not the best course of action. that said, get your hands on Speed ​​Essence, because that is one of the best essences in the game. This is a list of Quick skills:

  • Flowering Cut
  • Drop Fang
  • Improved Steps
  • Flash Cut
  • Flash Fakeout
  • Flash Tension
  • flash
  • Flash Master 1
  • Flash Master 2
  • Mirror Beat
  • Perfect Flashstep
  • Ghost Trick
  • Sound Break
  • Specter Step
  • Waterfall Dance

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