Best Sports Games on Roblox

I sometimes miss those good old days when sports games were easy to play but hard to master. Whether you are a football enthusiast, American football fan or basketball lover, there is something for everyone. Here are the best sports games on Roblox for you to enjoy.

Top 5 Best Sports Games on Roblox

Although there are many racing games on Roblox that you can technically call sports, they are more arcade games than sports simulations. That’s why I decided to create a list of the best team sports experiences which have a more realistic approach. As much as it is possible in the world of Roblox.

5. Volleyball 4.2

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Volleyball may not be as popular as football or basketball, but it is still one of the most exciting team sports. Roblox Volleyball 4.2 offers an interesting insight into this sport by focusing on realistic elements. Of course, this is a Roblox experience, so expect an arcade feel, which is good! You don’t have to be a volleyball fan (or even know any rules other than throwing the ball over the net) to enjoy playing the game, as controls are easy to learn.

4. Realistic Street Soccer

Realistic Street Soccer Player dressed in Japanese jersey running on the field
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At first glance, you’d never guess that Realistic Street Soccer is a Roblox game. Athletes have proportional bodies and move very naturally, hence the word “realistic” in the title. You will learn controls easily because you can see all the moves you can make on the screen. That way, I could quickly jump into the match without fear of looking clueless.

Matches are played on a futsal-sized field, which speeds up the game because you don’t have a lot of ground to cover. Depending on whether you prefer to have the ball in your feet more often or if you are more team oriented, you can play 3v3 or 7v7 matchesrespectively.

3. Soccer Fusion 2

A Football Fusion 2 player in a Miami Dolphins uniform running across the football field
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If the Madden series is too complicated for you, start your NFL career with Roblox Soccer Fusion. Here, you can try several positions before you decide which one is your favorite. Play as quarterback, wide receiver or running back on your way to becoming a football legend. When you master controls, dive into deeper game strategies to improve your team’s success on the field.

2. Premier League Soccer

Super League Soccer player in Barcelona jersey standing on soccer field
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Super League of Soccer is my favorite soccer/football experience from Roblox because you play with real people. Having seven players on each side makes you enjoy team-oriented gameplay, because it’s no fun when the ball isn’t shared. After you give your best, scoring a goal makes you jump out of your seat in celebration.

Depending on your skills, you can play as a goalkeeper, defender, midfielder or striker. Of course, being a scorer is always fun, but here, you can show off your skill, like a bicycle kick, in more ways than just shooting at the goal. If you need help with your Roblox soccer career, check out the Super League Soccer cheats.

1. Basketball Legends

Basketball player standing on court in Roblox Basketball Legends game
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Basketball Legends is the closest thing to retro NBA arcade games. The gameplay reminds me of old NBA Live titles from consoles, so I had no problem jumping in. If you are an NBA fan, you will notice that teams in Basketball Legends are from the same cities as NBA franchises, with almost the same color schemes. And while you won’t find Jordan, LeBron, or Jokić here, you’ll still enjoy the Roblox basketball show. Similar to NBA 2K titles, you can improve your athlete’s shooting, dribbling and cosmetics using Basketball Legends codes.

For more Roblox sports titles, check out Football Universe Codes and Real Futbol 24 Codes on Pro Game Guides.

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