BitLife Easter Egg Hunt Guide

Finding all the Easter Eggs in the BitLife Easter Egg Hunt was a big struggle for me due to the lack of clues. But, thanks to the community members and my other BitLife player friends, I was able to complete the Hunt. So, if you're struggling like me, here's a complete BitLife Easter Egg Hunt Guide for you to use.

How to find all Easter Eggs in BitLife

The Bitlife Easter Egg Hunt revolves around performing 20 unique tasks in the game before the event ends. Below is a list of all 20 actions in the game and instructions for completing them.

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Task 1 – Read a Book

  • Open the Mind and Body tab under the Activities tab and click on the Book Option. Then select any book you want to read.

Task 2 – Have a Baby

  • Use the Love or Dating option under the Activities tab to start dating them. Being intimate, make sure you don't use any protection to have a baby.

Task 3 – Waxed

  • To get waxed, click on the Salon & SPA option from the Activities tab and select the Waxing Salon option.

Task 4 – Adopt a Cat

  • Click on the Pets option under the Activities tab and select the Animal Shelter option. Search for a Cat from the list of animals to adopt and bring one home!

Task 5 – Murder a Friend

  • Click on the Murder option under the Crimes section in the Activities tab. Choose a friend and choose any killing method to eliminate them.

Task 6 – Live 100

  • Eat healthy foods, exercise and see doctors regularly to reach the 100 goal.

Task 7 – Run from the cops

  • Do any crimes like GTA or Burgarly regularly. Eventually, one of your heists will be botched. In such cases, use the Runaway from Cops option to run for your life.

Task 8 – Take a job in the Adult Film

  • After turning 18, get a job in the Adult Flim Industry as a Porn Star, Director or more.

Task 9 – Go to Rehab

  • Develop a gambling or alcohol addiction by gambling or drinking too much while clubbing. Once you develop one, go to the Rehab section under the Activities tab to pursue treatment.

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Task 10 – Hack Porch

  • After year 13, go to the Crimes tab and select the Hack Porch option to steal someone's mail or packages.

Task 11 – Become Famous

  • The easiest way to become Famous is to become a Social Media Influencer. Join a platform and start posting political, sexy selfies or hot photos to gain followers and become Famous.

Task 12 – Exorcise a Ghost

  • Buy a Haunted-type house to meet a ghost. Use the Take Charge option during such encounters to make the ghost return to the lord.

Task 13 – Buy a Horse Ranch

  • Purchase a ranch-style home from one of the Real Estate Agents under the Shopping tab.

Task 14 – Murder your Wife

  • How to get rid of your friend, select your Wife as the main target in the Murder section under the Crimes tab.

Task 15 – Take didgeridoo lessons

  • After 10 years, ask your parents to enroll you in didgeridoo classes from the Instruments section under the Mind & Body tab.

Task 16 – Escape Supermax Security

  • Escape prison with maximum security. Use our dedicated Prison Escape Game to make your run if you find it difficult.

Task 17 – Win at Casino

  • Press the Casino option under the Activities tab to play. Keep playing until you win a match.

Task 18 – Go on the Hot Cheeto Diet

  • Within the Mind and Body tab, click on the Diet option. In the list of Diet options, select the Hot Cheeto Diet.

Task 19 – Collaborate with someone on OnlyFans

  • Sign up for OnlyFans from the Social Media section. Keep posting content, and someone will offer you the opportunity to collaborate within 2 to 3 years of starting your account.

Task 20 – Play with Legacy

  • Get Legacy by completing weekly BitLife Challenges and playing with it once.

If you tick all the above tasks, you will receive a special Easter Egg gift inside the game.

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