BitLife – How to complete the Return on Time Challenge

The Turn Back Time Challenge is one of the most difficult challenges in BitLife due to several very difficult goals, such as marrying an ex-boyfriend to having a best friend who identifies as gay. So, if you are a beginner in BitLife and need help to finish this challenge, here is a complete walkthrough.

All Objectives to complete the Time Return Challenge in BitLife

Below, I have listed all the objectives in the BitLife Time Back Challenge and the ways to complete them.

  • Be a female born in California
  • Become a pop singer
  • Have 2+ pop albums go platinum or higher
  • Marry an ex-boyfriend
  • Have a best friend who identifies as gay.

Before starting the Turn Back Time challenge, you must own the Jobs Pack in BitLife, as the entire challenge revolves around the DLC. Buy the Pack from the play store for $4.99.

How to be born female in California

To start the challenge, you need to create a character from California. For this, in the character selection menu, select female as the initial gender and select any city in California, such as Los Angeles or San Francisco, for your character. This is the only way to create a character from California, as the game allows users to select a state as their birthplace. Finally, press the start life button to complete the first goal.

How to become a pop singer in BitLife

The next goal is to become a pop singer. For this, you must take Voice Lessons from a young age. After turning 6, go to the Mind & Body section and enroll in the classes. Since you are young, your parents will automatically pay for your lessons, and you don’t need to worry about money. Take these classes throughout your life until you graduate high school at age 18.

Now, after high school graduation, go to the Special Careers tab and click on the music option. Try to give auditions as a singer to all available labels. Someone will definitely pick you up as you train your voice from childhood. While a contract is offered, make sure it is related to the pop genre so that you become a pop singer, completing the goal.

How to have 2+ pop albums go platinum or higher on BitLife.

This is like a continuation of the last goal. When you become a pop singer, you have access to various options like Albums and Practice. Use the Practice options to improve your skills and become a better singer. Do this for a few years, and then publish your first album using the Albums option. It should be moderately successful. Then again, use the practice option to improve your voice and then release another album. Keep repeating this loop, and eventually, two of your pop albums will go platinum. It will take about 4 to 10 years for both of your albums to go platinum. So, be patient and keep grinding as prescribed.

How to marry an ex-boyfriend in BitLife

The penultimate challenge is marrying an ex-boyfriend. For this, you must have many boyfriends in the past. After 18 years, use the Dating app from the love section to go to dates and discard them immediately. Have ten to twenty boyfriends by the time you turn 30. Now, start calling one by one until someone starts showing interest in you. If you find such a person, patch up with them by donating, calling and messaging regularly. When you are together, buy a ring and propose to them.

How to have a best friend who identifies as gay on BitLife

The ultimate goal is to have a best friend who identifies as gay. Throughout your life, make many friends from school until you become a pop star. Now that you have a large amount of friends, go to the list of friends and find those who identify themselves as gay. Once you find such a friend, improve the relationship with them by spending time, compliments and gifts. Over time, the relationship meter will fill up, and they will become your best friend in the game.

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