Brookhaven Private Server Links (June 2024)

The best way to experience and use the various role-playing features available in Brookhaven is to use a private server. So, if you want to roleplay with your friends or other Discord members in privacy, here are some Brookhaven private server links to use.

All Active Brookhaven Server Links

All the following links are easily accessible from your computer and mobile phones by clicking on them. If you’re on consoles, ask one of your PC/mobile friends to join the server first and send you an invite.

How do you buy a Brookhaven private server?

If you like to play on a private server, I advise you to buy one for yourself. To do this:

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  1. Open the Brookhaven game from the Roblox platform.
  2. Here, scroll down to find the Private Servers section under the Social Links.
  3. Click it and pay 100 Robux get a private server for yourself.

What is the size of a Private Server in Brookhaven?

Like most Roblox Games, overall 30 players can play and role play within Brookhaven private server. There is no way to increase the size, and you have to kick existing members to make room for new ones.

Is the Brookhaven private server worth it?

Yes, the Brookhaven private server is worth all your money. I recommend buying one server by pooling money with your friends if you are serious about role playing.

Is there a difference between Private and Public Server in Brookhaven?

No, there is no difference between Private and Public Server in terms of gaming experience. You undertake any quest and participate in all events, even on a private server.

How to join Brookhaven Private server?

To join a Brookhaven private server, all you have to do is click on the links provided above. If you want to invite your friends or other people to your private server, copy and send them the URL of your server. You can find the invite URL link while creating the server.

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