Five Nights TD Update 3 Release date and leaks

Five Nights TD developers are preparing for the much-awaited Update 3 and the fans, as always, are curious about its release date and the upcoming content. So, here’s everything you need to know about Five Nights TD update 3 release date and its prominent leaks.

All Five Nights TD Update 3 leaks

Image via FNTD Discord

The upcoming FNTD update 3 may introduce a new unit or enemy, although this has not been officially confirmed and is just a taste of the developers. The green character with a scary appearance is speculated to be an enemy.

It was also spotted during the Summer event teaser, standing next to the balloon man. If it is a new unit, players could purchase it with coins or Robux, but this information should be taken with a pinch of salt until the official patch notes are released.

FNTD stage with four entrances and two exits
Image via FNTD Discord

In addition, the official Twitter account shared an image of a brand new stage with approx four entries and two exits. For starters, exits are the targets for enemy units, and players must place defensive towers and structures to prevent them from reaching these exits.

With more enemy units and two exits to defend, players should prepare for a more challenging experience in the Five Nights TD Update. The best defense is to unlock the best units available in the game.

What is the release date of Five Nights TD Update 3?

While the official release date has not been announced yet but based on the previous updates, Five Nights TD Update 3 should be released around. July 13, 2024. The game developers usually release major updates on the weekends and the next major patch will probably follow the same pattern.

It will then be followed by minor updates, which usually include minor bugs and balance changes. In the meantime, we’ll be sure to update this article once we have solid information about the release date.

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