Helldivers 2 players have an idea for the fourth faction of the game

Leave it to the Helldivers 2 community to be creative when it comes to thinking up new factions. With the Automata and Terminids dominating the game for the past five months, and rumors of a third enemy faction bouncing around for a while, players are already looking ahead.

There were already leaks and rumors that the mysterious Light up will be the third enemy faction of Helldivers 2 besides the Terminids and Automata. The sudden appearance of a black hole (or is it black hole?) just under a month ago did little to quell these rumors, with some impatient players opting to dive right in and see what’s on the other side.

But before a third enemy faction can even be confirmed, the very active Helldivers 2 community has already begun speculating about a fourth faction – and how perhaps fighting human traitors could make this faction stand out from the rest. As for whether there could even be a fourth faction in the first place, some users point out that the game’s Galactic War map has been split into four sections during the game’s beta, after all.

A recent discussion thread on the r/Helldivers subreddit started by OreganoCrackYT really started the hype train about human traitors being a strong idea for a possible fourth faction. Fighting other people instead of big machines or horrible insects might be nice for a change. And here’s a compelling thought: why not make the elite enemies of this traitorous faction Helldivers themselves? Now that it would be nice to twist

However, some die-hard Helldivers fans clearly more steeped in the lore of the series did not hesitate to point out that the Automata are actually descended from a group of humans who went rogue in the original Helldivers game released in 2015. A fourth human traitor faction could therefore be redundant if at any rate you regard the Automata as creations of a rogue sect of men. There is clearly some food for thought here.

What is certain is that Helldivers 2 could seriously use some new blood in its enemy factions. I still love my time with the game and its high potential for new and chaotic situations to occur at almost any moment, but it gets little boring to fight the same old machines and bugs.

Whether the enigmatic Illuminate faction arrives sooner rather than later, or a group of treacherous people suddenly steps in – Helldivers 2 could use some refreshing. And I mean more than just weapon balance changes.

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