How to bathe with characters in Hades 2

Even heroes on their way to destroy Time itself need a little relaxation and what better way than in a hot spring? Check out how to bathe with characters in Hades 2 below.

How to use the Hot Spring with a character in Hades 2

To use the Hot Spring with a character in Hades 2, you must first unlock it. You can do this with a spell called the “Steam Cleansing Ritual” which restores the Hot Spring at the Crossroads. To complete this spell you will need:

  • Molly x2
  • Lotus x2
  • Night nightshade x2
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The hardest to find is the Lotus flower, as it is only available in the Oceanus levels after you defeat Hecate. Once you have them all, complete the enchantment and a section of the Crossroads will become the Hot Springs. If you try to bathe on your own, the game will tell you that it's better with others. To invite someone to bathe with you, you will need Bansala.

With Bath Salts, go to one of the people in Crossroads and donate it to them However, in order for them to accept this gift, you will have to give them some Nectar gifts first, to increase your relationship level. Don't worry, if they refuse, you'll get your Bath back.

Moros in the Hot Springs in Crossroads in Hades 2
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If they accept, you will both go to the Hot Springs and you can chat with them for a bit and enjoy the pictures of your favorites while they rest in the bath.

How to get Bath Salt in Hades 2

Bath salt can be obtained by completing the spell that restores the Hot Spring. Another simple way to get a Spa is to visit the Poor Broker after each run and buy the one he has stock for 50 Bones.

If you're lucky, you can also dig up Bath Salts in various pits with the Silver spade. However, I usually just end up digging up Nightshade seeds, so I don't rely on that as a tactic.

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