How to Bicycle Kick in Super League Soccer – Roblox

If you have started playing Roblox Super League Soccer best sports simulation, you want to show your skills by hitting the perfect goal! This is, without a doubt, the classic bicycle kick, so read on to find out how to perfect it.

As with everything in soccer, practice makes perfect. The best players stay behind after training to perfect their soccer skills and so will you perfect the bicycle kick in Roblox Super League Soccer.

How to do a Bicycle Kick in Roblox Super League Soccer

After you have loaded Roblox Super League soccer (don’t forget to check the latest codes), select Private Servers from the right menu (see above) and then select to create your own private server (See below).

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Once done, you can practice in peace! This allows you to stay in warm-up mode for as long as you want, so pick a team and hit the pitch.

Choosing your own server in Roblox Super League soccer
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Walk to the ball rack at the edge of the 18 yard box and face the stands. In theory, the bicycle kick is easy. Follow these three steps:

  1. Load your shot (press the shoot button)
  2. jump (spacebar or jump button on mobile)
  3. set free (space bar or button)
The ball rack perfect for practicing the bicycle kick in Roblox Super League soccer
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The best way to practice this is to line up a kick that will bounce off the top of the stands (see starting position above). This allows you to get into position to practice the kick. Load your shot as the ball approaches you on the bounce, jump, and then release at the right moment, and you will complete the bicycle kick.

This is a delicate skill, so don’t expect to get it right the first time! However, when you get the timing right, you will be the hero of your team as you crash into goal after goal. See you on the field!

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