How to change name in Zenless Zone Zero

Don’t worry if you misspelled your name or just really don’t like it anymore, ZZZ will let you fix it. Check out how to change your name in Zenless Zone Zero below.

How to change your Zenless Zone Zero name

If you are not happy with what your name is in the game, there is a way to change your Zenless Zone Zero name. Don’t worry, it’s not permanent like your birthday date. Once you’ve set your birthday, you can’t change it again, so be very careful when entering the date (hopefully this means some birthday wishes from my favorite agents in August).

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Most characters will use the name of your chosen MC when talking or mentioning you. However, the name you chose will appear on your Intro-Knot profile and messages. This name will represent you as a Proxy, so you’ll want to choose something that works for you.

Zenless Zone Zero profile location
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To change your name, you must first open the menu then click on your Profile in the upper left corner. Make sure you are on the Inter-Knot Friends tab and on your Personal Home Page. Now there are two ways you can change your name in ZZZ.

Personal Home Page on the Intro Node in Zenless Zone Zero
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One is to click directly your name and you will get a pop-up to change it; it’s that simple. However, if you want edit more elements of your profile, click on the edit button to the right The pop-up will allow you to do several things:

  • to change Avatar
  • to change Username
  • to change Signature
  • Add yours birthday / Publish your birthday
  • switch on Agent screen
  • edit Name card

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