How to evolve White Tiger in Anime Last Stand

Challenges are not easy in Anime Last Stand, so having the best units is important if you want to succeed. Every ALS update brings something new, but the first thing I always look for is new units. Here’s how to evolve White Tiger in Anime Last Stand to get Beast King (Celestial).

How to evolve White Tiger to Beast King in Anime Last Stand (ALS)

To evolve a White Tiger into a Beast King in ALS, you must first obtain him through Summoning. You will need luck and a lot of emeralds as you only have a 0.5% chance per banner draw. But if you are lucky, don’t waste time to develop him, because Beast King is one of the best characters of Anime Last Stand. Read how to get the White Tiger evolve in Anime Last Stand below.

Beast King evolution recipe in Anime Last Stand

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To evolve a White Tiger into a Beast King, you need the right combination of units, shards and items. This is all you need to develop successfully.

  • x1 White Tiger
  • x30 Common Spirit Taps
  • x3 Legendary Spirit Breaches
  • x5 Rare Spirit Breaches
  • x5 Epic Spirit Breaches
  • x1 Claw Gauntlet

How to get White Tiger in Anime Last Stand

As we already mentioned, to get a Beast King you have to draw for a White Tiger on the summoning banner. If he is not there, be patient. The banner changes every hour, so you may have to wait a bit. Don’t worry; there are plenty of things to do in the meantime. You should make good use of this time to farm for Spirit Shards and other resources needed to evolve into a Beast King.

But before all that, you’ll need a lot of emeralds to pull for White Tiger, because you only have a 0.5% chance get him The best plan is to have enough emeralds to achieve Mythic Mercy at 250 summons, just in case you won’t get him sooner. Since you need 50 emeralds per summon, it’s easy to calculate that you need 12.5k emeralds to get a Mythic unit from Summons.

How to make Clawed Gauntlet evolve White Tiger in Anime Last Stand

Crafting materials needed for Clawed Gauntlet
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To get the Claw Protector necessary to evolve a White Tiger, you will have to do it at the Crafting stand. You will need x20 Common Spirit Shards, x6 Legendary Spirit Shards, x15 Rare Spirit Shards, x7 Epic Spirit Shards and 15k Gold.

How to get Spirit Shards to evolve White Tiger in Anime Last Stand

Spirit Shard converter showing different types of shards in Anime Last Stand
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You can get Spirit Shards through Challenges, Portals or by visiting the Converter and the Gold shop. Gold shop doesn’t always have shards you need (I found seven Legendary Spirit Shards available in the shop for 9k Gold). The good news is that the store is frequently restocked, so visit it later if they don’t offer what you need. If you have many other bits, you can convert them and thus speed up the process.

Once you have all the ingredients, click the Units button on the left side of the screen and click on the White Tiger unit. Choose To develop from the drop down menu, and you will get Beast King (upgraded White Tiger).

The next step is to roll for some of the best Techniques to make him even more deadly in battles.

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