How to farm Wolf’s Honor in Diablo 4 Season 4

Wolf Honor is the main currency you need to get to progress in Diablo 4 Season 4. You need an absolute ton of stuff, so here’s a method you can use to farm a bunch.

How to get Wolf’s Honor fast in Diablo 4 Season 4

Wolf’s Honor is necessary to move along the Season track, and you’re expected to spend massive amounts of time farming Helltides to do so. The main Season quest line introduces you to Wolf’s Honor forcing you to grind pro level using this method. Typically, Honor of Wolf is won by only participating in the currently active Helltide, killing Hellspawn from the masses. This is a guaranteed method of earning the Honor of a Wolf, but it is slow.

The fastest way to get large amounts of Wolf’s Honor still involves slaughtering demons in Helltides, but the killing isn’t what you need to worry about so much. Instead, focus on collecting the abundant amounts Aberrant Ash that drop while roaming through an active Helltide. This Aberrant Ash is key to obtaining large amounts of Wolf’s Honor.

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Instead of blindly focusing on the demon waves that come at you, focus on waves near loots with the Helltide. This is because the majority relational spoils will spawn several Aberran Cinder and more demons for you to slay. Run around the Helltide doing this until you have 100 Aberrant Ash.

Opening a Helltide Chest in Diablo 4
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At 100 Aberrant Cinder, find any Hell Chest and open it. You’ll be rewarded with a massive amount of Wolf Honor—far more than you could ever farm just by killing demons. You’ll also get some pretty good loot in the process, so it’s a double reward. Actively search for Helltide Chests to accumulate Wolf’s Honor for your Season progression.

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