How to find and catch Chillet Ignis in Palworld (Map)

Chillet’s reign of sweetest Pal is over, and it is Chillet Ignis who has taken the crown. If you want to have this Pal in your collection, then check out how to find and capture Chillet Ignis using our map in Palworld.

Where to find Chillet Ignis in Palworld

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If you’re looking for the somehow prettier and pinker version of Chillet, then you’ll have to head to the Cherry Blossom Forest on Sakurajima. It’s no surprise that these Buddies like to hang out in this area, they fit the aesthetic.

Just go to the Moonflower Tower Entrance at -602, 217and start going to the Sanctuary You definitely will meet these Buddies here. Just watch out for Moonflower Genin and Jonin as they will also be lurking in the forest.

How to catch Chillet Ignis in Palworld

Chillet Ignis sleeping in nature in Palworld
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Chillet Ignis is a Fire and Dragon-type Pal that’s usually around level 50 at Sakurajima. You will need to bring out some heavier weapons, such as the rocket launcher, so you can take care of them quickly. As long as you have the Ring of Mercy (which doesn’t let you drop the enemy’s health below one), you should be good.

Be sure to bring it with you Legendary Realms and even Ultra Realms if you have some extra Plasticine lying around. When it comes to the Friends on your team, Surfer, Azureand even the regular one Chill are perfect in battle against Chillet Ignis.

How to breed Chillet Ignis in Palworld

Before you can breed Chillet Ignis, you must first set up a Breeding farm. Once you have it, then it’s all about Cake. And you won’t have to waste much of it because all you need is a Chill and Arsox hatch Chillet Ignis.

Make sure you have masculine and a female in the Breda farm (or you will just wait like me that nothing will happen).

All Chillet Ignis Skills in Palworld

If you have Chillet Ignis in your team then you will be asking for more fire damage to the enemy. Remember that the Ring of Mercy will not save the enemy from death from this fire damage. You can also keep a Chillet Ignis at the base, but it’s much better to carry it with you in a team because its Workability is quite low.

  • ignition lvl2
  • Collection lvl1

This Pal’s Skills aren’t that much to brag about, but Chillet Ignis is one of the nicest Pals in the game. It will definitely match my hair and crown when I ride it through the forest of Sakurajima.

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