How to fix controller not working in Wuthering Waves

I was hoping to play Wuthering Waves with a controller, but when I connected my DualSense it was not to be. If you are facing the same problem, there is an easy solution using third-party software to fix the controller not working in Wuthering Waves.

The main reason you’re having trouble using your favorite controller in Wuthering Waves is that the game doesn’t support it. To solve this, you need to use third-party software that registers your controller as Xinput controller.

How to use unsupported controllers in Wuthering Waves

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You can use many programs to achieve this, but the best and most user-friendly is DS4. To get started, follow the steps below:

  • Direct to the official DS4 Windows download page and click on the download button to get DS4.
  • Open the downloaded Zip folder and unpack the content anywhere you like.
  • Find and open DS4Windows.exe from this folder and install ViGEm Bus Driver from the popup window.
  • Restart your computer and open DS4 and Wuthering Waves to enjoy the game with your controller.

If you still have problems, you need to enable your controller from the DS4 settings. Follow the steps here to do so:

All controllers in DS4
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  • Open DS4Windows and go to settings from the tabs above.
  • click on Device Options to open Controller Type Options.
  • Mark all of them the controllers listed, and your controller should now be detected in DS4.
  • after you finish, reboot DS4 and open Wuthering Waves to play it with your controller.

The controls will appear as Xbox controlsso you may have to adjust a bit if you’re using a PlayStation controller, but everything else works as intended.

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