How to fix no icons on Map bug in Diablo 4 Season 4

Diablo 4 is no stranger to bugs; I experienced a strange loading of Season 4 for the first time that prevented me from seeing icons on the map. Of course, this was very annoying, but I found a way to fix it and wanted to share it in case you also have this problem.

No map bug fix in Diablo 4 Season 4

This particular bug prevents you from seeing icons on the map. Opening it shows you a blank slate, preventing you from seeing where your quest targets are and preventing you from teleporting. You can’t see waypoints either, after all.

Fortunately, the fix is ​​pretty simple if you’re lucky, though just as annoying if you’re not. The first thing you can try is restarting Diablo 4. Restarting a game can often fix bugs and errors that have no rational explanation. However, this did not work for me. Actually, this made my problem worse as the bug started affecting my mini-map even after the restart.

What worked for me was to exit Diablo 4 and run the Scan and Repair option in the Launcher. To do this, exit your Diablo 4 and open the launcher normally. Click on the Gear Symbol on the bottle to the left of the launcher.

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From here, select Scan and Repair, and let the launcher do its thing. This process will probably take several minutes to complete, so grab a drink in the meantime. Once it’s done, the map error should be fixed for you.

How to fix no map icons bug on Steam

If you are playing Diablo 4 on Steam and encountering this problem, you can similarly fix this problem by checking your files. To do this, find Diablo 4 in your Steam Library. Go to its Propertiesand select the Installed Files option From here, click Check integrity of game files. This process, as with the Launcher, will take a few minutes to complete. However, once you’re done, you shouldn’t have the problem anymore.

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