How to fix the WWE Supercard online error

Because WWE Supercard uses the internet to sync your wrestler card collection, you may encounter network issues at times. Below, I will teach you how to fix the WWE Supercard online error.

A solution to the WWE Supercard connection issues

WWE Supercard is a fun way to involve yourself in the world of WWE, especially if you are also a fan of card collecting. New and old wrestlers, including Hall of Famers, are available to collect as the game receives regular updates. Since the game relies heavily on the internet, you may encounter network issues.

If you haven't made any changes to your Android or iOS device that could cause the game to crash, I highly recommend checking the game's online status on their. X (formerly Twitter) support page. They regularly update players on any network issues they may encounter.

If the servers seem fine, then I recommend you:

  • Change your internet connection
    • If you are using Wi-Fi or mobile internet, I recommend trying to switch from one to the other to see if the game works again. You should also disable any VPN you may be connected to, as most free VPNs are blacklisted by many games.
  • Restart your device
    • Turning it off and back on sometimes really does the job for you.
  • Check for some updates
    • Outdated versions of your operating system or the game can also affect how the game works. So, go into the settings of your Android or iOS device to check for available updates. You should also look for any game updates through the App Store on your iOS device or the Google Play Store.

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  • Disable third partyparty software
    • If you use third-party software to block ads or modify your WWE Supercard, you should disable these. The game uses ads to generate revenue, and all mods have a high probability of initially causing problems with your game.
  • Reset or reinstall your game
    • You can clear your game's cache or reinstall it completely to remove any corrupt files that may be causing it to crash. On your iOS or Android device, simply go to your settings and then your app list to find WWE Supercard. When you click on the properties, you have the option to delete the files and cache of the program.

I also recommend playing the game on a non-rooted and non-jailbroken device because some games have security features built in to prevent you from accessing their content. If none of these solutions work for you, I highly recommend contacting the game support page. They may be able to help you with any errors that affect your gaming experience.

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