How to get and use Airbending in Fortnite (Avatar event)

Airbending has quickly become the most popular Avatar Mythic in Fortnite due to the freedom of movement it offers. Here's how to quickly find an Airbending Scroll and use this technique to surprise unsuspecting opponents.

Where to find Mythic Airbending Scroll in Fortnite (Avatar event)

The best way to get Firebending Scrolls is locate an Air Shrine that contains a Bending Scroll Container. If someone left it behind, you can also find it lying around the map. To find the Air Elemental Shrine, look for the orange beacon when you jump off the bus and slide in that direction. Don't pull out the glider until you find your target, as it's faster to move without it while airborne.

The best way to use Airbending in Fornite Chapter 5 Season 2

You won't be using the Aerial Band Technique to deal damage, as it is mainly used for fast movement. This way you can quickly cross great distances, moving even across the water. Although powerful, Mythic Aribending Scroll does not disappear after you use it, but it does have a cooldown. Below, you will learn more about air taping skills.

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  • Air Wheel – You will never use vehicles again because the Air Wheel allows better movement and speed and can be used on water. Remember that you cannot deal aerial damage by hitting enemies.
  • Air Jump—Even though it's called Air Leap, it's so powerful you'll feel like you're flying and teleporting around! Also the ability lasts long enough for you to dodge an enemy that gets too close.

While Airbending is most useful for quickly moving around the map, don't hesitate to use it in combat. My first instinct was to use the Airbending Technique as a defensive means for retreats, but I found it very useful for quickly approaching enemies, especially in combination with the offensive Firebending Technique, which is great for close combat.

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