How to get Bottles fast in Dust Journey

A Dusty Trip is a challenging game where getting newer items is extremely important, and for that you need Bottle Caps. In this guide, I will tell you what Bottle Heads are and how to get them in Roblox A Dusty Trip.

Bottle caps are a currency in A Dusty Trip, and you can use them at the shops during your travels to buy new items and weapons to progress further. Unlike many other Roblox games, A Dusty Trip makes it difficult for you to earn this currency, and there are no daily quests or spinning wheels you can use to get them.

Best way to get Bottles fast in Dust Journey

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The only way to get Bottle Caps is actually trips to find them at various buildings or selling items at the stores. This makes getting Bottles difficult, but there are some things you can do to optimize your travels to get Bottles quickly in Dust Journey.

The first thing you need to do is add trailer to your vehicle while building it during the start and load it with all the extra items lying at the starting area. Then, start your journey as normal, making stops at any houses, garages or buildings you find, load small items from there, and then fit larger items if space remains.

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As you load your vehicle from these locations, you will find Bottle Heads lying on the floor, so be sure to pick those up. Once the vehicle and trailer are full, continue your journey until you come across a store and park your vehicle as close to it as possible.

Now select your items one by one and place them on the Sell ​​platform inside the shop. After you place all your items, pull the lever a few times until you get all the Bottles for your items because you can’t sell all the items at once. Repeat this process with a few runs, and you’ll have enough Bottle Heads for all you need.

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