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The developers of Demonfall finally woke up from their hibernation and released an update for the game after almost two years. Although the update contains only a few things, the main highlight is the flower breathing technique. So, if you want to know how to get the Flower Breath Technique in Demonfall and its powers, keep reading the guide.

Flower Breathing Technique Guide – Demonfall

Unlike other breathing techniques such as thunder or water, there are no levels for the floral breathing style. The only thing you need to do is restore your breathing technique by consuming a Breath Charge and finish the quest offered by the NPC Flower Breathing Trainer. You can buy the Mystery Merchant’s Breath Charge that appears randomly anywhere at the Hayakawa Village or Okuyia Villagefor 3000 yen. If you are not that patient, you can buy the item from the game store for 125 Robux.

Where is the Flower NPC Breath Trainer in Demonfall?

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After you have consumed the Breath Charge and restored your breathing style, the next step is to visit the Tsuyuri. You can find her in the Slayer Corps Headquarters behind the Windmill in a lane, sitting on a wooden block/box.

If you don’t know where the Slayer Corps Headquarters is, take the wagon (teleport) and select the Entertainment District from the list of options, and you will reach the Corps Grave area Here, the whole area will have a greenish appearance, and the only bright things will be the pink Sakura trees. Follow these trees and travel to the west side to find the Slayer Corps Headquarters easily on a plateau.

Flower Breathing Style Trainer Search Guide

Talk to Tsuyuri, and she will ask you to collect three different flowers scattered around the world of Demonfall. I have mentioned all the flower locations and the most accessible ways to get them below.

The Flower Locations marked on Demonfall map
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Flower Location 1 – Yellow Flower

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  • The player looking at a flower in Demonfall

  • Take the wagon and go to the Okuyia Village. Go through the village to reach the back exit and enter the Sakura Passage. Here, you will find a large mountain right at the start of the Passage. Climb this mountain to see the flowers on the top.

Flower Location 2 – Pink Flower

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  • The next flower is under a tree just outside the base of the thunder breathing trainer. First, travel to the Okuiya Village and take the front exit to enter the Okuiya Plains area. Travel to the west side to reach the Okuyiya River. Cross the river to reach the Fall’s Bridge area and a large tree under which you can find the next flower.

Flower Location 3 – Red Flower

A player looking at a flower in Demonfall
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  • The final flower is inside the Sun Mansion. Remember you climbed a mountain for the first flower. Travel to the northeast part of that mountain to reach the Sun Mansion. Go through the building to find the final flower in front of the statue.

Once you have all three flowers, return to the NPC trainer and give the items to get the Flower Breathing Style in Demonfall.

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