How to get Gargantua Aura in Sol’s RNG

Sol’s RNG Era 7 update brings several new auras and one of them is known as Gargantua. However, auras are relatively hard to get in the game and Gargantua is no exception, so I’ve compiled this guide to help you unlock Gargantua Aura in Sol’s RNG.

How to unlock Gargantua Aura in the Roblox Sol RNG

A gargantuan aura can be unlocked through the Sun’s RNG scrolling system. Since it is the rarest aura available in the game, Gargantua has 1 in 430,000,000 chance of appearing in all biomes. However, the drop rate is a little different in the Starfall biome because it has a 1 in 43,000,000 chance roll in this particular biome.

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It’s also worth noting that biomes in Sol’s RNG are encountered through the scrolling system. As a result, the Starfall biome’s spawn rate is only 1 in 6000 (0.0166%). In addition to the Gargantua, this biome includes three other unique auras – Starscoursge: Radiant, Galaxy and Comet.

Fortunately, the game allows you to use several potions that essentially boost your luck at getting rare auras. For example, the Fortune Potion II gives +200% (+2) Luck and lasts about 7 minutes when used in Sol’s RNG.

Sol’s RNG Gargantua Aura showcase

Sol's RNG Gargantua Aura showcase
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The planet Saturn and the Gargantuan Aura have something in common: a large ring around a hemisphere. But the Gargantuan Aura is based on the Black Hole, and its cutscene reveals an amazing scene of a huge star descending from space. The Gargantuan Aura floats above your character’s head in the game, blinding the other players with its stunning effect.

Its description states:

The endless craving and emptiness. The size of this colossal predator is so huge that it is immeasurable, able to swallow even galaxies and there is nothing in physics stronger than it. It has existed since the beginning of the universe even now, it continues to devour everything that enters its domain,

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