How to get Gems fast in Anime Impact – Farming Guide

Gems are essential if you want to get the best units in Anime Impact. Although there are many ways to earn them, only some of them are quite effective. Here’s how to quickly get Gems in Anime Impact as soon as you start the game and farm them efficiently.

Fastest way to get Gems in Anime Impact

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You can get thousands of Gems by redeeming Anime Impact codes if you are just starting out. Another quick way is talk to Heron NPC (As a Reward stand) in the Hub, in the left room of the Gold Shop. She will ask you if you liked the game and joined the Roblox group to be eligible for a reward. If you did this, you will get 4,000 Gems. Of course, you can also buy Gems in the Store for at least 80 Robux. Those are instant Gems rewards, but you have to play the game to get more.

How to earn Gems fast in Anime Impact

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There are several ways to get Gems in Anime Impact without using codes or Robux. Below, you will find all the ways to get Gems.

  • Play Endless mode
  • Complete Quests
  • Play Story mode
  • Play Mode Challenges
  • Play PvP mode
  • Use Time Frame (AFK mode)

How to farm Gems in Anime Impact

Although there are several ways to earn rewards, some are time consuming or too difficult. That’s why it’s best to focus on Endless mode and complete quests in Anime Impact if you want to farm Gems quickly in Anime Impact. For more effective units, make sure to use the best blessings you can get.

Play Endless Mode in Anime Impact

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The fastest way to get Gems for free in Anime Impact is to play Endless mode. This way you will earn Gems but also get much needed experience for your units so you can play harder missions. To get the most out of this mode, create a team matchup with the best units in Anime Impact and at least one support unit with good healing (ideally Sonade). Don’t forget to use the Auto Mode option for automatic battle and speed up the match with Match Speed ​​Tokens.

Complete Quests in Anime Impact

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The most efficient way to farm Gems in Anime Impact is to combine playing Endless mode and completing quests (Missions Button on the left side of the screen). Focus on the quests of the Endless mode so that you can maximize the time you have invested in playing the game. Of course, you should always try to complete all available quests, but don’t get stuck trying to complete some extra difficult ones or ones that require too much time.

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