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Everyone wants to gain access to the Hell biome because it is the gateway to unlocking the Bloodlust aura in Sol’s RNG. However, it’s not as easy as you might think, which is why I’ve compiled this comprehensive guide on how to get the Hell biome in Sol’s RNG.

How to get Hell biome in Roblox Sol RNG

Just like the auras, the rolling system determines which Biomes you encounter in Sol’s RNG, so each biome has a specific probability of appearing. The Hell biome is very rare, with only a 1/6666 (0.015%) opportunity to generate and it continues around 11 minutes.

To get the Hell biome in Sols RNG, the best method is to join the game’s official Discord server and go to the private servers channel. Then, join any server and you’ll be in the Hell biome immediately.

Its description states:

A strong and violent energy of chaos hits the world…

In addition to the Bloodlust aura, this biome includes three other unique auras:

type Regular Chance Breakthrough Opportunity
undead 1/2,000 (0.05%) 1/12,000 (0.0083%)
Undead: Devil 1/20,000 (0.005%) 1/120,000 (0.00083%)
Hades 1/1,111,111 (0.00009%) 1/6,666,666 (0.000015%)
Blood development 1/50,000,000 (0.000002%) 1/300,000,000 (0.0000003%)

The Hell biome has a Minecraft theme in red color with lots of trees and lava at the bottom. You can also find Eternal Flame in this biome, which is a key ingredient for making the Strange Controller. It spawns at any of the Item points at the beginning of the Hell biome. Surprisingly, you’ll also find some daily quests that require you to encounter the Hell biome, so don’t forget to grab the respective rewards.

But remember, you have to act fast when someone posts about an Inferno biome or you might miss your chance.

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