How to get Murasama’s Stream in Type Soul

If you are skilled in Kendo, you will welcome Universal weapon Stream of Reiatsu with open Roblox arms. Getting Murasama’s Stream in Type Soul is difficult, but nothing is impossible with our help. Here’s how to get this mythical weapon.

Where to find to unlock Murasama’s Stream weapon in Type Soul

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You must participate in Clan Wars get Murasama’s Stream weapon in Type Soul. By winning matches and contributing to your clan’s performance, you’ll earn rewards that may include this Kendo weapon. Alternatively, you can trade in Type Soul to get Murasama’s Stream, also known as Reiatsu’s Stream, faster.

How to start a Clan War to get Murasama’s Stream in Type Soul

To start a Clan War in Type Soul, you must be part of the clan. You can join an existing one or create your own. If you founded a clan, you will be a clan leader. That makes things easier, because only clan leaders can start Clan Wars. These battles are tough, so prepare well and level up your character. When you’re ready to fight, navigate to the Clan Wars option under the Special Section in the main menu.

Type Soul Murasama’s Stream weapon requirements

Type Soul inventory showing a mythical kendo weapon
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To use Murasama’s Stream, you must invest 60 points in Kendo. That’s a big investment, but if you’re a fan of Kendo, you’ll like Stream of Reiatsu. Now all you have to do is put the Stream of Reiatsu weapon in your inventory, and you’re ready to fight!

What is Murasama’s Stream in Type Soul?

The Stream of Murasama (or Stream of Reiatsu) is a a universal mythical Kendo weapon in Type Soul. It has the same passive but different crits for each race. You have a 20% chance to activate a passive when you gain the crit. While the passive is active, everyone your M1 attacks will break guard. However, the critical hit required to activate a passive can be blocked. That makes activation difficult, but getting through blocks is worth it.

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