How to get Nectar in Hades 2

Hades 2 has many items that players can find useful in their gameplay. One of these is Nectar, which is more uncommon than any other item. In this guide, we will explain how to get this item in the game and also how to use it.

How to find Nectar in Hades 2

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Nectar is classified as an uncommon item in the game. But, there are a few ways you can get it:

  • As a reward for encounters in the various regions: You can get Nectar from encounters in the various regions in the game, including Erebus, Oceanus and Tartarus. However, you have to be lucky with these drops.
  • Buying it from the Miserable Broker: You can buy Nectar from the Miserable Broker, which returns from the first game. They sell various items at the Crossroads including Nectar which you can buy for 30 Bones. You can buy one for each run and can repeat it for every other run.
  • Buying it from Charon's Shop: You can also buy Nectar from Charon's Shop occasionally for 75 Gold. There's a bit of RNG at play here though, so you'll have to hope it's in his rotation when you visit him.
  • Through the Harbinger of Doom objective: Summoning Moros a second time with the Destined Intervention Enchantment will reward you with one Nectar.

How to use Nectar in Hades 2

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Nectar is used to improve your affinity with other characters in the world, including the gods and goddesses you meet. Gifting them will improve your relationship with them and also reward you with a Souvenir. Each Souvenir will give sand that can help you in your run. These can also be upgraded after participating in a specific number of encounters.

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