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Sometimes, certain races may not suit your playstyle, and you may need to change to improve your loadout. To change a race in a GPO, you need a special token/currency called race replays to spin for new races. So, if you don’t know how to get these reruns, here is a dedicated guide explaining everything about it.

All ways to get Race Rerolls in GPO (Grand Piece Online)

There are several methods of getting a race replay in Grand Piece Online, and I’ve listed each of them below.

  • Codes: The best way to get racetrackers GPO is using free codes provided by the developers. I suggest using our cheats article to find all the updated and latest cheats for Grand Piece Online.
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  • AFK World: The AFK World is another best way to get free races in GPO. Simply jump into the game mode when you don’t want to play, and the game will reward run scrolls, dark root and SP essence to increase the total playing time of the game. You can access AFK World from the Universal Hub.
  • Impel Down Raid: Completing the Impel Down Raid also gives the chance to get some race replays. Go to the Boost Base location with your friends and finish all the floors in the raid to earn points. At the end of the raid, you will be taken to the Impel Down Raid shop where you can redeem these points for race replays. It will cost right 777 points for a single rerun. So, earn a lot of points to get multiple races in the game.
  • Game shop: If you’re impatient like me, you can always buy race rules from the game store while spinning for the race. You can find the current price of all race reroll packages below.
    • 1 reroll – 50 Robux
    • 5 rerolls – 250 Robux
    • 10 rerolls – 450 Robux
    • 50 rerolls – 2000 Robux
  • Limited Time Events: There have been several exclusive events in the past, such as Easter, Valentine’s Day and Christmas, that provided race replays as rewards for completing them. Check the official GPO Twitter or Discord channel for any upcoming LTE events in the game.

How to use race rollbacks in GPO

The Race Menu in GPO
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Once you have a few race rules, it’s time to rotate those. Click on the Personalization option from the main menu. Now, click on the race replay option at the bottom right of the screen to get a new race. If you like it, save the race or spin it for more.

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