How to get Spirit Orbs in Anime Defenders

You can expect a lot of new mechanics in the upcoming updates of Anime Defenders. One that received the most attention was the summoning of spirits that buff units. Here’s how to get Spirit Orbs in Anime Defenders and improve your units.

Where to find Spirit Orbs in Anime Defenders

You can get Spirit Orbs by completing missions and daily missions. There is also a possibility to get orbs with Anime Defenders codes. You will not be able to buy or sell Spirit Orbs, as this resource is not tradable. The idea is to allow players to earn orbs by playing the game instead of getting them through trades. If you need them fast, you can buy them with Robux if you don’t have time to grind.

What does Spirit Orb do in Anime Defenders?

Spirit orbs are crucial for summoning powerful Spirits that attach to units, providing significant enhancements. Once a Spirit is attached, the boosted unit retains bonuses until you decide to remove the Spirit. This mechanic adds a layer of strategy, as brave units become exceptionally strong but cannot be traded.

By making owned units unsaleable, you will be sure that you own a unit that you have worked hard to acquire. This ensures that players who invest time in grinding for Spirit Orbs and improving their units are rewarded.

How to summon Spirit in Anime Defenders

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You need to get Spirit Orbs to summon a Spirit in Anime Defenders. To complete the process, you need to visit Spirit Shrine, located in the game lobby. You can’t choose Spirit because summoning has the same gacha mechanic as Traits in Anime Defenders. Developers haven’t released a list of Spirits yet, but as soon as they do, we’ll update this article.

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