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In Aura Craft, your main goal is to combine elements and create new auras. However, not all auras are craftable, that’s why I compiled this guide to help you make uncraftable auras in Roblox Aura Craft.

How to unlock uncraftable auras in Roblox Aura Craft

As the name suggests, non-craftable auras cannot be obtained by combining elements. Instead, Aura Craft requires you to complete certain tasks to obtain them.

Here’s the complete list of uncraftable auras I’ve come across in Roblox Aura Craft along with the instructions to get them:

Aura Type Acquisition Method
time Spend a minute in the game
bright 90% chance of falling out of the shop
Cosmic 8% chance of falling out of the shop
Jackpot 2% chance of falling out of the shop
a mystery 0.05% chance of falling out of the shop
A bat Enter the cave in front of your spawn area, right between the two waterfalls
VIP Spend 299 Robux

It is important to note that the shop section requires you to spend Robux if you want to roll auras. Therefore, carefully make purchases in the game because this coin costs real money instead of the regular gold coins that can be earned for free.

How to use uncraftable auras in Aura Craft

Similar to other elements, you can also use non-craftable Auras to craft the following recipes in Roblox Aura Craft:

  • Life: Time + Plant
  • Infinite: Time + Time
  • Inspiration: Time + Power
  • Night: Sky + Time
  • Future: Time + Infinite
  • Cryogen: Time + Ice
  • Rng: Yin Yang + Time
  • Hidden: Explosive + Radioactive
  • Wicked: Time + Sinister
  • Nightmare: Time + Monk
  • Dream: Time + Sleep
  • Past: Wonder + Future
  • Karma: Past + Future
  • Mystic: Time + Magic
  • Omniscient: God + Future
  • Batman: Bat + Superhero
  • Joker: Sinister + Batman
  • Crimson King: Fire + VIP

Please comment below if you notice any non-craftable Auras or recipes that I have not included in this article and I will update the list accordingly.

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