How to get Wishes in Anime Defenders (Update 3)

Anime Defenders update 3 introduced a new mode and a means of summoning units. If you are strong enough, you can play one of the hardest modes in the game. Winning will reward you with Wishes needed for special units. Here’s how to get Wishes in Anime Defenders.

Where to find Wishes in Anime Defenders (Update 3)

To get Wishes for free in Anime Defenders, you need to play Nightmare Mode in the Hall of Mirrors. You can play Hall of Mirrors levels with your character once you reach level 20. Even then, you should have at least one Mythic unit and the best Legendaries you have for a better chance against hordes of enemies. Follow the instructions below to get more Wishes in Anime Defenders.

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  1. Enter the Hall of Mirrors
  2. Complete the level on Easy difficulty to unlock Normal difficulty.
  3. Complete the level on Normal difficulty unlock Hard difficulty.
  4. Complete the level on Hard difficulty to unlock Nightmare difficulty.
  5. Select Nightmare difficulty – while other difficulty levels give you rewards, only Nightmare gives Wishes.
  6. team up – Similar to Raids, you are encouraged to work with other players (up to 10), because living alone is almost impossible.
  7. Survive 30 minutes – In Nightmare, your goal is survive for 30 minutes. You will receive rewards at each completed stage, with exclusive drops available. These rewards include various items and the possibility to receive Wishes.

How to get Wishes fast in Anime Defenders

The fastest way to get Wishes in Anime Defenders is buy them with Robux. But be careful how much you spend, because Wishes don’t come cheap. Here’s how much you have to spend to get Wishes:

  • x1 Wish – 249 Rbx
  • x5 Desire – 999 Rbx
  • x20 Desire – 3,999 Rbx
  • x50 Desire – 9,999 Rbx
  • Shiny Hunter – 1,299 Rbx (Increases the chance to summon a shiny unit)

How to use Wishes in Anime Defenders

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Once you receive Wishes, head to the Wish fountain to spend your hard-earned resources to summon some of the best units in Anime Defenders. There are four units you can pull for, with different chances.

  • Legion Veteran (79.2% drop chance)
  • Legion Killer (20% chance)
  • Legion Commander (0.7% drop chance)
  • Shadow Dragon (0.1% fallibility)

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