How to increase movement speed in V Rising

V Rising can often feel slow when your character's movement speed hasn't received any improvements, so here are some of the best ways to increase your movement speed in V Rising.

Best ways to increase movement speed in V Rising

Consuming a Wangler Potion

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Wangler's Potion is an incredible consumable that improves your mount's movement speed 15% for 30 minutes. To create this potion, you need 45 Fire Flower and 1 Water Bottle. Plus, having a reliable mount like a horse ensures that you're already faster compared to your walking speed.

Feasting on an enemy Blood Type

V A rising character feasting on the blood of an enemy
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In V Rising, players can feast on the blood of others by first damaging them and then drinking their blood. Different enemies have different Blood types, so it's best to know which living creature will provide you with the best movement speeds:

  • Creature 1: 3% – 15% increased Movement Speed.
  • Rogue 2: 8% – 15% increased Movement Speed.
  • Worker 3: 10% – 20% Movement Speed ​​for Galloping.
  • Mutant 3: 10% – 20% increased Movement Speed ​​while Shapeshifting.

Get a mount

Find a horse in V Rising at a farm location
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Soon after you start a new adventure in V Rising, go to the marked place on the map above, where you will find a small farm with a stable. This is where you can find, you can find your first a horse. Horses in V Rising are fairly common companions, and have a default comp speed of 4.0.

Checking farm locations on the map can quickly get you a mountain, eliminating the slow pace of walking around all the time.

Change of form

V A rising character becomes a wolf.
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After defeating the Alpha Wolf Boss in V Rising, you finally get the ability shapeshift into a wolf. It's exactly as cool as it sounds, and provides you with a small amount of speed. Consider this speed somewhere between mounting a horse and walking. It's not ideal, but it's definitely better than just walking around.

Similarly, you can also change into different animals. However, they are not as fast as using potions or using a mount to go through different places.

Using racing skills

Fighting boss Clive the Firestarter in V Rising
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There are few abilities in the game that help you attack and move quickly. One of these is the Veil of Chaos ability After you defeat Clive the Firestarter, you will gain this ability. Upon activation, it allows you to run in the direction of your choice and dodge nearby enemies for 2.2 seconds.

The primary attack deals fire damage, and when your illusion explodes it deals 50% magic damage (environmental).

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