How to play Hamster Kombat

Learn how to become a successful CEO of a globally successful crypto exchange. You start as a poor hamster who dreams of becoming the best hamster in cryptocurrency. In this guide, you will learn how to play Hamster Kombat.

Where to play Hamster Kombat

You can only play Hamster Kombat with the Telegram app. There are also iOS and Google Play versions, but you only have basic game options there. If you like clicking a million times on a hamster for no apparent reason, you can play those versions, but for the full experience, you’ll need to play Hamster Kombat on Telegram.

How to earn money and play Hamster Kombat

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To succeed in Hamster Kombat, click on the hamster (your avatar) to earn coins. You will have to click a lot, but luckily, you can get many free coins through Daily reward, Daily cipher and Daily combo options. Click the Mine button to open an overview of your business sectors. You will earn more coins per hour by using coins to improve sectors like Markets, Legal, Web3, PR&Team and more.

How to install Hamster Kombat

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Follow the instructions below to play Hamster Kombat.

  1. Download and install the Telegram app on your mobile phone. Hamster Kombat is a Telegram mini-game, so you must play it in this app.
  2. Click this link to visit Hamster Kombat on Telegram, or scan the QR code provided below.
  3. Start the app by clicking on the Play button in the Hamster Kombat chat room.
Hamster Kombat qr code
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What is Hamster Kombat?

Hamster Kombat is a crypto clicking game where you mine coins mainly by clicking a lot. The game has yet to add significant content, but according to the Hamster Kombat road mapyou can expect squad battle, more character skins, live events and more.

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