How to report a bug in Zenless Zone Zero

Considering that Zenless Zero Zero was released on July 4th, it’s no surprise that there are some teething problems. Players are complaining about their game freezing, the music cutting out, and connection problems already. If you’re having problems with your game, here’s how to report a bug in Zenless Zone Zero.

Where to report a bug in Zenless Zone Zero

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Now that you’re done choosing between Belle and Wise, it’s best to know how to report any bugs you encounter.

There are two ways to get to the place where you report a bug in Zenless Zone Zero. The first is through the game itself – which is helpful if the bug happens right then and there, but isn’t the one that kicked you out of the game or prevented the game from loading.

To report this way, go to your main menu (that’s the ESC button for PC users), and click on “Feedback”.

Doing so will load the HoYoverse Help Center, which is a website designed specifically for players of HoYoverse games, including Genshin Impact and Zenless Zone Zero.

Once there, navigate to the “Problem Feedback” section, and you’ll be able to type in your problem and let miHoYo know that there’s a bug in Zenless Zone Zero that they should probably look into. Don’t spam the reply form, just submitting once is enough to make the developers aware of the problem.

The faster way to report a bug is to go directly to the Help Center without going through the game. This is, in the end, the better option, especially if you can no longer see what the error was after being kicked out of the game.

Where possible, try to get a screenshot of the issue, or even a video. These are not necessary, but they can be incredibly helpful to the miHoYo team when trying to figure out what went wrong to create the bug you experienced.

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