How to unlock all trophies in The First Descendant

Among the non-stop gunfights and unique characters to play in The First Descendant by NEXON Games, there are also dozens of trophies to strive for by completing various challenges throughout the game. If you’re wondering what they entail, here’s our handy guide on how to unlock all the trophies in The First Descendant.

All trophies in The First Descendant and how to unlock them

There are a total of 25 trophies to unlock in The First Descendant, for those playing the game on PS4 or PS5. They cover almost every aspect of gameplay, though with a special focus on mods and weapon customization. So head out with your favorite Descendants (see our guide on how to play Lepic) and collect some loot and trophies along the way.

Below we’ve listed each trophy, its level, and what challenges you need to complete to unlock them.

trophy Tier How to Unlock
Ready to move on? Bronze Complete the Ironheart operation and return to Albion
First Sweep Operation silver Complete all available missions and successor duties in Kingston
Hope Within the Dust silver Complete all available missions and successor duties in The Barren Land
Knock, Knock! who is silver Complete all available missions and successor duties in Vespro
Preemptive Strike for the Future Bronze Complete a Void Interception Battle for the first time
I Can See the Future of the Colossi silver Complete 10 Void Interception Battles
Power! Oh, Unlimited Power! Gold Reach Master Rank Level 10
Is This How You Enter It? Bronze Equip a module for the first time
This Is Big, Sevenfold Gold Improve any module to +7
And Combining, to Boot Bronze Combine modules 7 times
Execute Order 77 Bronze Disassemble modules 77 times
Slot Maketh Module Gold Assign module socket types 10 times
A place for something special Gold Increase the mod capacity of a weapon that uses Special Rounds
Maketh Descendant Modules Gold Increase the Module Capacity of Descendant
Ready, Extract, Complete silver Leveling a weapon with Weapon Transmission
Growing Opportunity Gold Improve a weapon’s Unique Ability for the first time
Out of Arms silver Disassemble weapons 50 times
This Feedback is First silver Improve Reactor for the first time
The Meaningful Life of Research Bronze Complete investigation for the first time
No Hope for the Vulgus silver Get an Ultimate level weapon
Descendants, Assemble silver Own 5 Descendants
What Was Always Expected silver Reach Level 40 with any Descendant
Special Operations Task Squad silver Clear up to Wave 7 in the Kingston Albion Resource Defense mission
Good Things Happen Twice silver Successfully remove Colossi parts 2 times (excluding Recover Ironheart operation)
The True Successor platinum Get every trophy in The First Descendant

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